7 Ways to Change Desktop Wallpaper in Windows 11


Changing the Windows 11 wallpaper is one of the best ways to personalize the desktop. Adding a new desktop wallpaper is like redecorating your bedroom, and a visually appealing wallpaper will help make your Windows 11 PC shine.

You can change the desktop background in different ways in Windows 11. Windows 11’s Settings, Photos, and File Explorer apps have more options to change the background. You can also apply wallpaper changes with third-party software. There are several methods to change Windows 11 wallpaper.

1. How to change desktop wallpaper with background options in settings

The Settings app includes most of the Windows 11 wallpaper customization options. The Background section of the settings has options to add unique images, slideshows, or solid color wallpapers to the desktop. This is how you can change desktop wallpaper with background options in settings.

  1. Open the settings with the Win + I keyboard shortcut.
  2. Click it Personalization tongue.
  3. To select Background to view the options shown directly below.
  4. Click it Customize your background scrolling menu.
  5. Select the Picture option to add a new image to the desktop background.
  6. press the Browse Pictures and select a wallpaper image to add to the desktop.
  7. Select the Choose picture option.
  8. Click it Choose a fit drop-down menu to select the In shape option.


If you want your desktop to have multiple wallpapers, select the Slideshow possibility on the Customize your background scrolling menu. Then click Browse to choose a folder containing wallpapers for a slideshow. You can select a slideshow interval option on Change image every scrolling menu.

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2. How to change desktop wallpaper by selecting a new Windows theme

Different Windows desktop themes have unique wallpapers and color schemes. So, choosing a different desktop theme is another way to change the wallpaper. You can change the theme in Windows via Settings as follows:

  1. Display the Settings window.
  2. To select Personalization > Themes to open the settings shown directly below.
  3. Click on Custom to view the default themes included with Windows 11.
  4. Select a theme from it with a different wallpaper than your current one.

You can add new theme backgrounds to Windows by clicking Browse Themes. Select a theme from the MS Store. Click on To have on the theme page, and select the To open button to add the theme. Then you can select the theme in the settings. Thereafter, your desktop background will become the theme wallpaper.

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3. How to Change Desktop Wallpaper with File Explorer

File Explorer includes a Set as background option you can select. This option allows you to add a selected image file to the desktop background without opening the settings. This is how you can change your desktop wallpaper with Explorer.

  1. To open File Explorer, tap its Win + E keyboard shortcut or click its folder icon on the taskbar.
  2. Open a folder containing images with which you can change the wallpaper.
  3. Select an image file to add to the desktop.
  4. Click it Set as background button to change the wallpaper.

The File Explorer context menu also includes a Set as wallpaper option. If you right-click on a file in a folder, you can select this option. You can also right-click image files on the desktop and select the Set as wallpaper option in the context menu to change the wallpaper.

5. How to Change Desktop Wallpaper with Photos App

The Photos app is the default image viewing app in Windows 11. This app includes two options that you can select to add an open image to the desktop or lock screen background.

Here are the steps to change desktop wallpaper with Photos:

  1. Open the Start menu and click on the pinned Photos app.
  2. Scroll through your saved images in Photos to find and select a wallpaper there.
  3. Click it See more in the Photo toolbar.
  4. Select the Set as submenu.
  5. Then click on the Set as background option to change the wallpaper to the selected image.

6. How to change desktop wallpaper with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome

Most of the users scour the World Wide Web to find new wallpaper images for their desktops. Instead of saving images, you can change the Windows 11 desktop background directly from Firefox. This browser includes a handy Set image as desktop background option which you can select to change the desktop wallpaper in Windows 11.

Here’s how to change your desktop wallpaper with Firefox:

  1. If Firefox is not already installed, click Download Firefox on the Mozilla home page to get the corresponding setup wizard. Then open and go through the Firefox installation wizard to install the software.
  2. Open the Firefox browser.
  3. Grab www.google.com in the Firefox URL bar and press Enter.
  4. Click Images in Google.
  5. Type a keyword into the Google search box to find matching images.
  6. Right-click an image to change your Windows wallpaper in the search results and select Set image as desktop background.

Google Chrome does not include a built-in context menu option to set an image as the desktop background. However, you can add a similar option to Chrome with the “Set as desktop background” extension. To do this, follow these steps.

  1. Open the Chrome Web Store page for the Set as desktop background extension.
  2. Click it Add to Chrome option for extension.
  3. press the Add extension button.
  4. Display the Google search engine and enter a keyword there.
  5. Select Images to view image thumbnails.
  6. Right-click an image thumbnail and select the new one Set as wallpaper option in the Chrome context menu.

7. How to Change Desktop Background with Windows 11 Wallpaper Changer Apps

There are many desktop wallpaper changer apps for Windows 11 with which you can change your desktop background. Some of these apps let you choose a wide range of wallpapers to change your desktop background in their windows. Others automatically change your desktop wallpaper based on a specific source, such as Bing or Unsplash.

Here are some software with which you can change your desktop wallpaper:

Bing search engine backgrounds can be great wallpapers because they allow you to set the search engine wallpaper as your own. If you want to learn more, check out our guide on how to set Bing background photos as Windows wallpaper.

Add More Interesting Wallpaper to Windows 11 Desktop

Why stick with the default Windows 11 wallpaper when you can add something much more interesting to your desktop? There are many web sources from which you can download visually appealing wallpapers. It is simple to change desktop wallpaper in Windows 11 with all the above methods. Choose the method you prefer to change your desktop background.


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