Action Launcher v49 improves animation of Android’s ugly home gestures


Using a custom launcher is now less annoying

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A new version of Action Launcher is rolling out today that includes a feature that might seem small: home transition animations. This is actually a big deal for power users who put up with choppy home animation since Google switched to gestures and messed up custom launchers. The new adjustable animations are smooth, and there are a host of other tweaks and improvements in Action Launcher v49.

Here is the full changelog for the new update.

  • NEW: Significantly improved transition animations when returning to Action Launcher from other apps.
  • NEW: Customize transition animations via “Settings ➡️ Animation & appearance ➡️ Transition welcome animation”.
  • NEW: Support for adaptive icon packs!
  • NEW: Updated app icon.
  • NEW: Added Supporter Pack 2022. Includes 9 beautiful wallpapers available in wallpaper picker.
  • NEW: Support for Brave Search.
  • NEW: Updated appearance of grouped calendar icons.
  • NEW: Add Google Lens to trigger switcher and quick access bar presets.
  • NEW: Added a dedicated “Animation and Appearance” settings page.
  • NEW: If the app disconnects from the Discover feed, automatically reconnects. Note: Requires manual update to Action Launcher Plugin v4.0.
  • IMPROVED: Polish settings.
  • IMPROVED: Widget stack displays the most recently viewed widget when reloading the app.
  • IMPROVED: Remove tint from All Apps drawer navigation bar.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Increase the height of the search bar to match the times.
  • IMPROVED: “Screen edge shadow” is now disabled by default. Change via “Settings ➡️ Animation and appearance ➡️ Screen edge shadow”.
  • FIX: Icon pack fallback icons are not displayed correctly.
  • FIX: Fixed a visual issue when pressing Home to exit Settings while using gesture navigation.
  • FIX: Populate quick access bar in case it is accidentally cleared.
  • FIX: Crash some people tried to access quickbar settings.
  • FIX: Crash some people tried to trigger a device backup.
  • FIX: Radio button displayed above icon previews in icon/unread indicator settings.


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If you use your phone a lot, you probably watch home animation hundreds of times a day. It’s a shame when everything you see looks bad. In Action Launcher v49, you can choose between four different animations, none of which will look glitchy with gesture navigation. You can also control when the animation plays, how fast it plays, and even how much it bounces.

The new version also brings changes to icons, adding support for adaptive icon packs, daily calendar icons, and a new icon for the app itself (see above). If you want to spruce up your home screen even more, there are new wallpapers in the app for supporters. However, you need to make an additional in-app purchase to become a 2022 supporter. The new version is rolling out on the Play Store today.

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