And the winner of the tournament for the best macOS wallpaper of all time is…


Apple aficionado Basic Apple Guy has held a “parenthesis” polling contest — think March Madness basketball, but without any sweat — to determine the greatest macOS wallpaper of all time. And users have spoken, according to a tweet pointing to the final results on Wednesday.

In a field of 18 competitors, the macOS Catalina wallpaper emerged as the champion (pictured above).

And the greatest macOS wallpaper of all time is… Catalina

Basic Apple Guy held a sort of tournament for his Great macOS Wallpaper Bracket, citing 18 fighters at the very start (16 appear in the full bracket below).

For six weeks, he compiled the results of round after round of voting in head-to-head competitions by “conference” or theme (landscape wallpapers, space wallpapers, California screen, etc.)

“I had no idea how this bracket would have gone, but nothing happened as I expected,” Basic Apple Guy wrote on the results page. “I was sure the old guard of Mac OS X users would vote overwhelmingly for nostalgic Aqua wallpapers.”

The winner of the big macOS wallpaper support: macOS Catalina! With a 51.5% vote share, Catalina narrowly beat OS X Lion and won the title of The Greatest macOS Wallpaper! — —

And yet those OS X wallpapers were eliminated in the first round, so he said he gave up hope of accurately predicting the outcome. His own favorites to win were actually Big Sur, El Capitan and Mountain Lion. But he wasn’t disappointed when Catalina, a sprawling landscape on Catalina Island off the coast of California, took home the trophy.

“Catalina has a beautiful wallpaper. I can understand and appreciate how he withstood the tough competition he faced,” he said.

During the poll, readers cast 7,395 votes.

The full installment shows a clear winner based on fan votes cast over six ballots.
The full installment shows a clear winner based on fan votes cast over six ballots.
Photo: Basic Apple Guy

Interestingly, in the Week 2 results of the “California Conference” 10 Wallpaper Battle, Mojave edged out Catalina for first place (721 votes to 711 votes, or 88.1% to 86.9%) . The bottom two, High Sierra and Ventura, were eliminated, with less than 600 votes each. Next, Catalina overtook Mojave in the week 4 vote.

At week 6, it was macOS X Lion, a space wallpaper, against macOS Catalina. A total of 1,230 votes were cast in the final round, with Catalina winning by 36 votes (51.2%), 633 to 597.

Hello macOS Catalina!


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