Android 12L uses Material You colors in boot animation


Back in the days when most smartphones and tablets could boot in seconds, Android devices often had elaborate and fun startup animations, and the modding community created thousands more. Customs animations which could be applied to rooted / ROMed devices. Nowadays, most phones only display a simple logo during the boot process, but the upcoming version of Android 12L adds a bit of flair to the boot process again.

One of the main new features of Android 12 (not 12L) is the custom color theme system, named “monet”, which is an integral part of Material You. Android selects a color scheme based on your choice of wallpaper, which is then used in all apps that support the Material You theme. Google is slowly rolling out support for Material You in its apps, including Drive, Translate, and Play Store.

Android 12L extends this functionality to the start screen – the color of the Google logo now matches the theme of the device. Mishaal Rahman shared demo videos (two of which are embedded above) in a series of tweets, showing how different wallpapers affect the shades used in the Google logo. However, it’s unclear whether devices outside of Pixels will use this feature, as most (if not all) manufacturers replace the Google logo with a custom animation or image.

It’s just a small addition in Android 12L, which was announced on Wednesday and focuses on improvements for tablets, foldable devices, and Chrome OS devices. The update includes new interface designs for devices with large screens, such as a two-pane notification panel, a taskbar with gesture controls, and more system apps with optimized layouts. The first developer preview is already available in the Android Studio emulator, and a final update is expected to ship in Q1 2022.


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