Baroque pearls make chic charm jewelry


Baroque Pearls Make Unique Charm Necklaces

Hand-cut gemstones blend with baroque pearls in MoonTree Baby’s new collection

Baroque pearls become tantalizing talismans in MoonTree Baby’s pearl charm pendants. Founders and sisters Pacharee Sophie and Kunthalee Vera draw on their family’s gemological experience to create technically accomplished and fun jewelry.

“We were raised by our father, a genius gemologist. He invented new stone cutting and heat treatment techniques and pioneered the farming of certain pearls. We grew up around gemstones and rare pearls from all over the world,” says Vera. “Our father used to tell us stories and mysterious facts about them, and this collection of charms is inspired by those stories and the power of gemstones, as well as how jewelry can promote positivity and ignite the imagination. .”

Jewelry designers have been drawn to baroque pearls for their uniqueness, celebrating their asymmetrical shapes with a profusion of hand-cut gemstones, shaped into mystical symbols and seeming to sink into velvety pearl clouds wherever they go. randomly fall. “The gemstones are hand-assembled onto the irregularly shaped rare baroque pearls – as the pearls vary so much in size and texture, it requires an incredibly high level of craftsmanship for production,” adds Vera.

Each unique piece incorporates gemstones in a multitude of hues, including amethyst, ruby, sapphire, peridot and emerald, which are then set in 18k gold-plated sterling silver or gold. solid 18k gold. “Just like our own fingerprints, each baroque pearl has its own identity and uniqueness, which is what we love to work with. This means that each piece we make is one of a kind,” says Vera.

‘Our jewels are inspired by the universe that surrounds us and all that it contains. We create jewelry that ignites the imagination and sparks a mystical connection with everyone, regardless of gender or age. Our jewelry is designed to be meaningful, mystical and fun. §


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