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Who says Steam is just a platform to find great games? Those who know their ins and outs on Steam would understand that the platform actually has a lot to offer in terms of various sets of programs, even offering enthusiasts various ways to access their hobbies – platforms to publish their games, to mods of popular titles. , and even other utility programs. In the case of illustrators, Steam actually offers animation and modeling tools.

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With Steam’s rather extensive range of animation and modeling tools, players and users can do a wide variety of things such as professional sculpting and even fan-made animation projects. Those considering streaming can even use these platforms to create and rig their dream model – provided they use the right platform.


ten Wallpaper Engine

Probably the best way for beginners to animation and modeling is to do simple level animations in something that feels like home – live wallpapers. By Wallpaper Engineusers can create live wallpapers or animated screensavers by embedding them in real-time apps, videos, graphics, and even websites.

While it mainly works to help existing images come alive with motion graphics, users can also create new live wallpapers from scratch through their editor, thanks to compatibility with video, HTML and even basic image mixes. Beginners can tinker with their animation fantasy with this engine, or even turn their own custom animations into wallpapers that they and their friends could use.

9 aseprite

There is no doubt that pixel art has seen a resurgence these days, both for niche markets and enthusiasts as well as for various products such as video games and animation. Those who love pixel art and want to get into creating it can do a lot with aseprite. Originally conceptualized to create 2D animations for video games, Aseprite’s easy to use interface can even allow users to create pixel art and outright 2D animations.

In terms of features, Aseprite can help users create pixel art with tools that provide perfect strokes and shadows, with additional tools for filled outlines, tiled modes, and rotations. Users can even import and export their own sprite sheets, which greatly facilitates the animation process. Those who want to create pixel animations or even pixel video games will have fun tinkering with Aseprite.

8 Flow Avatars

Players considering streaming will eventually want to create animated avatars during their streams, and Flow Avatars is the perfect way to personalize and tailor that experience, especially for streaming. This is a great tool for beginners to animation and modeling who want to create animations specifically for streaming, especially if this is their first foray into creating.

At its core, Stream Avatars serves as an interactive overlay that streamers can use not only for Twitch but also for other streaming platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, or even Dlive. Its interactive interface is extremely user-friendly, so viewers can even play while the user is streaming, with “in-game” weapons. Not only that, but if users can create their content through the software, they can also upload various user-created creations in the Steam Workshop.

7 Live2DViewerEX

Those who want to get more involved in the streaming industry and want to start their own Live2D models may want to finish them off with the Live2DViewerEX. Serving as a cross-platform tool, Live2DViewerEX allows Android, macOS and Windows users to edit and interact with their own Live2D models.

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At its core, this software allows users to interact with their Live2D models and incorporate unique effects such as floating particles, rain, snow, and other visual elements such as screen filters. There are also ways to include widgets such as icons, music players, clocks, and sorting. The software supports multiple screens, various viewing settings, and even high-precision face capture features to help streamers bring their models to life.

6 pixel studio

Users new to pixel art can get a head start with pixel studio, an extremely intuitive and user-friendly pixel art creator. Using this software, pixel artists can create simple to complex level pixel artwork with its various tools, such as built-in color palettes and pickers, toolbar customizers, and even support cross-platform on mobile and desktop. Artists can also take advantage of the platform as it supports pencil tools and even various output formats.

Creations made through Pixel Studio can also be exported as GIFs and sprite sheets, making them ready for things like advanced animations or even video games. Its simple to use and straightforward interface makes it probably one of the best pixel art creation tools out there.

5 Substance 3D Painter 2022

More specific to effect enthusiasts, Substance 3D Painter 2022 is perhaps the most sophisticated texturing application used by enthusiasts and professionals alike, with tools that can help both newcomers and AAA game developers turn 3D models into extremely realistic assets.

What perhaps makes Substance 3D Painter 2022 extremely useful is its intuitive interface, helping users by automatically wrapping and casting various effects on an object thanks to the software’s built-in physics. Additionally, the software is compatible with almost any game engine or target renderer, allowing the creation of game-ready or industry-ready models much faster and much more seamlessly.

4 Houdini Indie

Small indie teams who want to create big production-level creations will appreciate Houdini Indie, known in particular for its clever use of a procedural workflow system allowing creators to automate repetitive tasks. With that in mind, creators can focus on creating larger-scale projects while letting the tool sweat the small stuff.

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The simple interface of the software allows users to create a sort of procedural pipeline that allows them to configure levels and game patterns without much difficulty. Not only that, but the software has a game development toolset that has mini-tools designed specifically to speed up the game development process, allowing animators and artists to produce ready-made assets and components. for the game much faster.

3 Source Filmmaker

Valve fans who want to use what their team uses for their film productions will certainly appreciate the sophistication offered by Source Filmmaker. This is especially useful for gamers who want to use game assets in Valve games to create fan-made content or even import their own assets to use in their various movies.

What perhaps makes Source Filmmaker quite interesting to use is its use of the hardware rendering power of a PC for much of its needs, as well as the ability for creators to use the full suite of Source Filmmaker to produce output from a gaming perspective – allowing creators to get the hang of producing cinematic-level scenes akin to an actual game product. Not to mention that being able to use the same software that Valve uses for its products is a badge of honor in itself.

2 VTube Studio

Entering the VTube space is serious business, especially when it comes to creating Live2D avatars for their beloved characters. However, those who want to go all out in their avatar animations can use VTube Studio to DIY their avatars as they wish. Not only that, but VTube Studio is coming to Steam as freeware, allowing users to enjoy its range of features to the fullest.

Although not necessarily an animation creation tool, VTube Studio allows creators to import their Live2D avatars to match their real-life output. As such, VTube Studio allows for extremely complex audio-based lip and face synchronization, allowing users to configure their models to match exactly how they speak while streaming.

1 Blender

Possibly the most sophisticated 3D creation suite on the market, Blender allows users to create anything in 3D throughout the entire 3D animation pipeline – from creative stages such as modeling and editing to more complex stages such as animation and simulation to finishing touches such as rendering, compositing and video editing. Its simple user interface allows beginners to create simple 3D models from scratch and pros to create almost anything they desire.

Blender also has more sophisticated tools for those who want to approach their 3D modeling process in a more complex way, such as an API for Python scripting. Not to mention, given the mainstream popularity of Blender, those who train in the use of the software may be able to bring their skills to actual animation studios.

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