Best iPhone Wallpaper Apps of April 2022


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About the Best iPhone Wallpaper Apps

The wallpaper you put on your home screen is one of the most eye-catching things on your phone. A high quality wallpaper can change the look of your device. It is possible that you are using an Apple iPhone and many other users are also using an Apple iPhone. However, you can see that there is a difference between your phone and their phones even though the model is the same. It is because they have different wallpapers, ringtones and other small details on their phone. Speaking of wallpapers, it is one of the basic components that you can change on the device which makes your phone different from others.

Now, we have seen people who like to keep their own photos as wallpapers, while others like to set their pets’ photos as wallpapers. However, most iPhone users want to choose from a selection of default wallpapers available directly from Apple on their device. If you want to make your iPhone unique for everyone, you can download an iOS wallpaper app that offers you lots of wallpapers to choose from, which can also be set as your background. The first thing you’ll see on the screen after waking up is the wallpaper. It’s also the first thing people notice about your device when they look at it. That’s why you want your wallpaper to be of high quality and make your device stand out from the rest.

Here is the list of best wallpaper apps for iPhone

4K live wallpaper maker

Bring your screen to life with your own personalized live wallpaper to stick your precious memories on your home screen or lock screen. Moreover, you can also download new collections of iPhone 4K wallpapers on various themes, such as sports, animals, space, abstraction, nature, patterns, etc. Also, this app has many other cool features like unique live themes and keyboards for your iPhone. You can subscribe to this and other features for unlimited access.


Zedge offers thousands of high-quality HD images optimized for your iOS screens. You can browse the variety of categories and topics, or even search for something specific. Zedge’s collection includes inspiration, landscapes, space, nature, anime, cartoons and comics, movies, music, and anything else you can think of.

Browse dozens of categories with thousands of high resolution retina-friendly wallpapers to match your personality and make your home and lock screens pop. Besides, you can also get ringtones and stickers for iMessage. Whether you’re looking for something inspirational, abstract, or just plain beautiful, you’re sure to find it in this app. Finally, it is very easy to download and set wallpapers whenever you want.


At WLPPR you will find a beautiful collection of high quality images of our planet and its environment. WLPPR compiles satellite imagery from multiple sources to ensure you get the variety you deserve, and WLPPR is also very informative.

Each image contains relevant information about the location or object, and links to the original scientific sources. WLPPR is free to download, but some of the collections are only available through in-app purchases that cost $0.99 each. You can unlock all collections for $3.99.

Skins and Icon Themes

If you want unique wallpapers for your iPhone, the icon skin and theme will give you a different feeling. The Wallpaper app allows you to customize your wallpaper as you like. Icon Skin and Themes app will help you with best images for your wallpaper and background. With the app you get high-quality individual and handmade wallpapers. These wallpapers are unique and hard to find in other apps.

The good thing is that all available wallpapers are divided into different categories for easy access. It also has an eye-catching interface which is relatively easy to use. In this application you will find all high quality images. The app is updated every week with new wallpapers, giving you more options to choose from every week.


Walli is an iPhone wallpaper community made up of graphic designers. The works of these artists are displayed on the platform for users to choose as wallpapers. This dynamic app brings you images straight from the artists who created them. This way you are sure to always find better and inspiring wallpapers.

It serves as an instant mood booster every time you look at your iPhone. What stands out at Walli is the truly unique collection of images curated by creators from around the world. You won’t find anything similar in other apps. So it’s a great way to discover and support new artists. The app also shares profits with the creators.

Vellum wallpapers

This application is mainly known for its vast collection of wallpapers. The way they are displayed in the app is amazing to see. This application is suitable for people who love artistic images. From stunning visualizations to picturesque views and beautiful images, you can find it all in this app.

One of the standout features of the app is the daily wallpaper option. The app brings you a new look every day and it won’t let you down. You will never run out of wallpapers with this app and it is updated daily. The only problem is that ads appear frequently. But it’s up to the developers to make money and provide you with free wallpapers, so it’s justified.


Kappboom is more than just a wallpaper app. Along with a large collection of wallpapers, the app also features famous quotes, facts, and recipes. It is an all-in-one application developed for iOS devices. You will find more than 200,000 wallpapers in this app. It also has all iPhone backgrounds in HD quality. Whether you have an iPhone 11, 12 or otherwise, you’ll find wallpapers for all screen sizes.

The application contains advertising. But if you want to get rid of it, you can download the paid version of the app. The app also lets you create beautiful collages. Download this app today and give your iPhone an animated look.


It’s not just for wallpapers but for all your imaging needs. It has a growing collection of beautiful royalty-free images that can appeal to any aesthetic. The app has a clean interface that recommends wallpapers for you and lets you search for what you want. Plus, it’s easy for anyone to submit their own images and help grow the collection. In fact, Unsplash features images taken by some of the best professional and amateur photographers around the world.


Searching for HD quality wallpapers on Google can be frustrating. This app is popular for its high quality HD images. It also has one of the best collection of 4k wallpapers. Wallpapers are categorized so you can choose from the best wallpapers. It is updated daily with new images. However, the application contains many advertisements. To use the ad-free version, you have to pay. But even then it’s worth it. All the wallpapers available in the app are neatly grouped into categories. This makes it easy for you to find the type of wallpaper you want.

Final Words: Best iPhone Wallpaper Apps

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