Chasing Paper’s Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper Completely Transformed My Entryway


My husband and I moved into our new home two months before the COVID-19 pandemic began. And like so many around the world, we suddenly had plenty of free time to sit, stare at our walls, and wonder what we could do to make our new place feel more like home. Although we imagined many projects, there was one in particular that I was eager to dive into: the decoration of our entrance. It’s a space my entire family and about 95% of visitors (once socializing was allowed again) would use to enter the house. This is really where first impressions would be made.

To get our creativity flowing, we followed a bunch of design accounts on Instagram and kept seeing a recurring theme in nearly every image we loved: wallpaper. A particular design called Chasing Paper’s Dot Comb was perfect for our family. It was quirky and modern, and would fit in well with the overall vibe of our new home.

Since Chasing Paper has a huge range of pretty options, we decided to order a few samples to see how they would look in our entryway before deciding on one. Each sample costs $6, and we thought afterwards to either frame them for random decor or throw them away. Once the samples arrived, we taped them to our wall and immediately knew Dot Comb was the print for us.

To begin the installation, we took careful measurements and estimated how much paper we would need using Chasing Paper’s handy guide to measuring a space. Although it offers traditional (i.e. permanent) wallpaper, I opted for the peel and stick variety as I’m still unsure about making difficult decorating decisions. switch. And since we were installing the wallpaper ourselves, we also ordered the brand’s Peel-and-Stick installation kit, which includes a pencil, xacto knife, wallpaper smoother and a nice pouch to hold it all. .

Given our measurements, we had the option of ordering just enough wallpaper or a little too much. Since a 2 x 12 foot peel and stick roll is $120 and you need multiple rolls for a single wall, I decided to err on the side of caution and order just enough. (Spoiler alert: this would come back to haunt me.)

I’m usually part of the planning process when it comes to household projects, while my husband handles all the execution. So this time too, I stood back and watched as he carefully measured things, applied the paper to the walls, and adjusted it as needed. From my perspective the whole thing went like big sticker sheets, although it did take a bit of math trying to line up the pattern and make sure we had enough paper where we we needed it.

As we have a large window in the middle of the wall we were wallpapering, this required some careful maneuvering – and this is where things took a turn little complicated. Given that someone (OK, me) insisted on not ordering too much wallpaper, my husband ended up having to fix a few spots on the left side of the wall using leftovers.

After three hours of hard work, the overall effect was magnificent. But as a freak of perfection, those little patches just eluded me. It didn’t help that the uneven part of the wall was the first thing most visitors would notice when they came out of our downstairs bathroom. So, after months of trouble, I convinced my husband to replace the uneven parts for a neater look. Once again we measured how much wallpaper we would need to redo this part and ordered a new roll.

While I was concerned that we would unintentionally tear good parts of the wallpaper or even remove some of the drywall, I was pleasantly surprised that the uneven part came off as easily as it went. All my husband had to do was grab a corner section of the wallpaper, pull gently, and the paper fell off, leaving the rest – and the wall – untouched. We spent another hour and a half redoing this section, and finally our hallway was ready.

We’ve had the wallpaper for two years now and I’m still impressed with how new it looks. Chasing Paper products are printed with latex inks that are GreenGuard certified and free of VOCs, PVCs and phthalates, making them a good choice for a home with lots of people and pint-sized pets. The wallpapers are also fade and stain resistant, which is a must if you’re installing it in a light-saturated space. In our own sun-drenched home, we have three small children and a dog who love leaving their sticky fingerprints (and paw prints) everywhere, but I haven’t spotted any spots or stains of discoloration yet.

Yes, Chasing Paper’s peel and stick options are an investment (our project took six rolls in the end, which ended up costing us $720), but our decision to wallpaper our driveway makes me smile every time I walk through the door. And it’s not just me who’s obsessed, we’ve even inspired several of our friends to choose Chasing Paper products for their own homes.


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