ColorOS 13 Aquatic Design and Quantum Animation Engine 4 Unveiled


ColorOS 13 Aquatic Design and Quantum Animation Engine 4.0

After ColorOS 12Officially, ColorOS 12 Scheduled; Brings elements of HydrogenOS, Personal Omogi and new products, what kind of design should the next generation be? In the context of today’s ever-changing environment, when a ColorOS engineer tries to use the design to connect with each individual, he found the design that OPPO needs for the next generation. It should be a new color palette with vitality, quiet companionship and presence, and a burdenless experience.

So here comes ColorOS 13 Aquatic Design, with natural water injecting the tension of life into ColorOS 13, thanks to a complete upgrade of the system’s visual language such as vibrant colors, nimble and light water effects and polymorphic textured graphics, the design shines with the beauty of vitality and dynamism. Now share it with you.

ColorOS 13 Aquatic Design

ColorOS 13 follows the aquatic design concept, and in this upgrade of Quantum Animation Engine 4.0, compared to the previous generation, OPPO has made behavioral recognition judgments for more than 2 gestures to ensure that the control intention user can get intelligent response and priority feedback.

ColorOS 13 Quantum Animation Engine 4.0

The official ColorOS 13 user interface has also been revealed by Digital Chat Station, featuring new watery icons and flower wallpapers. Compared to the acrylic style of ColorOS 12, the water icons have a stronger sense of anthropomorphism, with some transition changes in the background color and a large number of rounded elements to make the icons appear softer. In addition to the new icon design, ColorOS 13 also brings a flowery wallpaper that changes with the time you use the phone.

According to previous revelations, ColorOS 13 adds large folders, double-press the power button to quickly display the health code, media playback center, screen world clock support home to display different time zone clock information, add desktop cards, upgrade Super Recording to 2.0, and optimize Boo suggestion cards and phone casting.

In addition, ColorOS 13 adds Omoji, time idle screen display, optimizes highlight time display and portrait shadow idle screen, adds anti-install function malware, a 5G dual-SIM dual-standby function, and upgrades LinkBoost to 4.0.

ColorOS 13 UI

OPPO has officially announced that it will hold a ColorOS 13 online launch event at 2:00 p.m. on August 30 in China, with the theme “Water for Everything”. Surprisingly, the global launch event takes place earlier than the China launch, and will go live on August 18 at 12:00 a.m. BST / 7:00 a.m. EDT / 4:30 p.m. IST.

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