Costa Grafix: All your graphic design needs in Spain


Costa Grafix: All your graphic design needs in Spain. Image: ESBProfessional/

IN a world where personal presentations have become increasingly rare, businesses are increasingly dependent on how they are presented online and in print – and one call to Costa Grafix can create visually stunning designs that will wow. your customers and will make you proud of your public profile.

Whether it’s your logo, advertising, brochures, posters, business cards or even your electronic signature, the Costa Grafix team is passionate about helping you express your professionalism and character through advertising and marketing. publishing so your market knows you mean business.

For new businesses, Costa Grafix can carry out a study and analyze exactly how your brand can attract potential customers thanks to the latest commercial and design trends. Bored of your brand image? Not getting the traction you want from your current design and advertising? Let Costa Grafix use their attention to detail to set you apart from the rest.

Who are Costa Grafix?

Costa Grafix is ​​made up of a team of highly skilled and experienced branding and design experts with a constant attention to detail. Knowing customer needs is a top priority for Costa Grafix, ensuring designs are perfectly balanced to create maximum effect.

With over 20 years of experience finding a company’s strengths and showcasing them to potential clients, with designs that will help your business take the leap it needs, the long-time designers of Costa Grafix stay on top of the absolute latest technological advances in design, providing customers with a competitive and impactful advantage over other companies.

Costa Grafix brand design services

Consistent branding is extremely important, especially in the digital age. Costa Grafix offers a range of exciting marketing design services to get your business in front of the customers you need.


Be instantly recognizable in the crowd thanks to the Costa Grafix logo, which will make you stand out while conveying the essence of your company.

Business cards

Make sure that potential customers don’t put your business card in their pocket and completely forget about you! Create memorable business cards that you’ll be proud to hand out to your customers.

Stationery store

Your stationery should scream professionalism while keeping your business at the forefront of the minds of potential customers. From your letterhead to your invoices, from proposals to quotes, Costa Grafix will streamline everything.

Branding and redesign

Whether you want a complete overhaul of your business or are tired of your current brand image, Costa Grafix can breathe new life into it!

Brand, logo and basic application manual

The little things matter, which is why Costa Grafix will ensure that the colours, fonts and proportions of your marketing and branding are always consistent and professional looking.

Editorial design services

Known for its stunning and eye-catching design, Costa Grafix offers a range of services to make your business stand out from the crowd.

Advertising for any publication

Why pay the same price for a poorly designed ad when you can print a great one? Costa Grafix will ensure that your advertisements are relevant and effective.

poster design

No business wants their posters to be wallflowers, fading into the background. Make your posters stand out from the crowd while ensuring your message is seen and, most importantly, remembered.

flyer design

Perhaps the easiest and most cost-effective way to market your business is through well-designed flyers. Costa Grafix will ensure that your flyers – and the attention of your potential customers – are captured.

Diptych design

This mini-brochure is an effective way to express your business clearly and concisely, encouraging customers to take the next step.

Triptych design

There’s no doubt that a beautiful design gives your business a significant edge over others, making sure your marketing tools stand out.

The restaurant menu

Costa Grafix understands that your menu and branding should be given as much attention and care as your food, bringing people through your door with incredible design and flair that reflects your values.

Editorial catalog

Whether you want to showcase your products or services, good design reflects great business, show your business in its best light with an editorial catalog that captures customers.

Product catalog

Let your catalog do the heavy lifting in your sales process, making customers fall in love with your products right from the page.


Whatever your company’s product, take the leap to amazing design with purpose with Costa Grafix.

Telephone: 951 38 61 61

E-mail: [email protected]

Address: Avda. Ramon y Cajal, nº 2, Edificio Zalacain, EDMS Planta 3º A, 29640, Fuengirola

Facebook: @CostaGrafix


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