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Foyers and entryways serve as the welcoming point for any home. They should be inviting and welcoming, as they are also the first impression of customers.

The first impression must be strong while being functional.

Where to start ? First, take a step back and put yourself in the role of a guest, by stepping into the entryway of your home, and then following some of these helpful tips.


Create a clear entry point. This can be done by having an entryway console, bench, or wall decor like an oversized mirror or artwork.

Look for ways to incorporate bold artwork to be seen upon entry.

Incorporate greenery where possible, such as trees or plants.

Think of a wall feature such as mirrors or wallpaper.

Create a color story for your home and introduce it to a hall or entryway.


Don’t ignore creating an entry that is also functional. Plan for example a table to put the keys, or a bench on which you can sit.

Do not create a decorative element in an entryway or foyer that is not in harmony with the general decor.

Don’t overload or overload. Clean and minimal is best.

Don’t neglect the lighting. Consider an interesting pendant or chandelier.

Don’t commit to multiple finishes or textures. Often, multiple parts of a home can be seen from an entryway, and the decor and color message should be consistent.

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