Detailed FIFA 22 Future Stars map design in loading screen


Photo by EA Sports

The FIFA 22 Future Stars card design was showcased in all its glory on February 1 as EA Sports added a loading screen during Team of the Year.

FIFA 22 Future Stars has been confirmed for a February 4 release date. The promotion was announced during Team of the Year, which was a bit of a surprise, but fans were thrilled to hear that the Swaps token system would return for the promotion. The map design was shown off in a smaller guise with Swaps rewards, but EA Sports put up a loading screen on Tuesday to once again show why the design team is top-notch.

Here is a look at the design of the FIFA 22 Future Stars card:

Photo by EA Sports

Future Stars is always one of the best promotions of every FUT cycle, and this year the design team took the background of the card to a new level. Going for an outer space, galaxy-style feel with colors that pop off the map, this might be everyone’s favorite new map design. The card will be sure to appear in Squads next to Icons, FUT Champions Items, and Team of Years.

FIFA 22 Future Stars starts on February 4.


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