Dogma Alares launches DASH product and service design studio


Turkish strategy and business consulting firm Dogma Alares has launched DASH, its own service design studio.

Founded in 2019, Dogma Alares markets itself as a “next generation consulting firm”, bringing together the worlds of strategy, advanced data science and designers to provide clients with an end-to-end experience. Based in Istanbul, Dogma Alares also has a base in London.

Under the DASH banner (which stands for Dogma Alares Service Design Hub), the company has now launched its own service design studio, bringing together its existing capabilities in the field under one roof.

“We have been designing and developing products and services with leading institutions for two years now, helping them impact end users through design-driven innovation and data-driven ways of working. With DASH, we are now structuring our capabilities and paving the way for future growth,” said Sonat Kaymaz, who leads the division.

The launch comes at a time when the value of design is increasingly recognized. From the iconic designs of early Polaroid cameras to today’s Apple iPhones, design has proven its importance. In fact, a 2018 study by McKinsey & Company found that top performers in design tend to outperform their competitors across a number of financial metrics, including revenue and shareholder returns.

Cutting-edge design, however, goes beyond the aesthetics of a product or service. The experience that goes with it – called “customer experience” – is just as important, points out Merve Midilli, leader of the DASH division. “Consumer expectations are changing and at the same time they are raising the bar. As a result, customer experience has emerged at the forefront of business strategies,” he said.

In support of this claim, a recent study by Forrester, for example, found that every $10,000 investment in user experience will yield a 250% return in two years.

Leveraging both design and customer experience, DASH will provide customers with an integrated approach, from “user research, product and service design, and MVP development, to user acquisition, user journey and value proposition design,” Kaymaz said.

DASH’s founding team has experience at “some of the world’s and Turkey’s most prestigious design studios, agencies and startups,” Kaymaz said, meaning the company can bring established experience to the table. , while leveraging management consulting and technology skills. of the Dogma Alares parent outfit.

According to Erdal Güner, partner of Dogma Alares, “DASH will help us bring to life the innovation and customer projects we design. We are excited to take this next step in our growth journey.


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