Elden Ring Player turn game art into live wallpaper


An Elden Ring fan creates an awesome live wallpaper from in-game art to celebrate the beauty of the game’s stunning visuals.

Ring of Elden is FromSoftware’s most ambitious game to date, featuring a vast open world containing hundreds of hours of content. As Tarnished, the player’s goal is to wander The Lands Between, an otherworldly plane whose very nature is shaped by the light of the Erdtree and the titular Ring of Elden. Guided by grace, the Terni must defeat the demigod rulers of these Lands and reunite the shattered shards of the Elden Ring to become Elden Lord. This article will contain SPOILERS for Ring of Elden.


Beyond the game design ambition, Ring of Elden really excels in its stunning art direction that gives The Lands Between an ethereal beauty, despite the danger they present. With the world engulfed in chaos after the Shattering, players are taking what little time they can to rest and take in the sights of these once proud lands. As such, it’s no wonder fans have set out to recreate the world of Ring of Elden with their own creations.

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An awesome creation comes from user Frostdice66 on Reddit, who shares his beautiful Ring of Elden Live wallpaper that adapts official key art for the game. The wallpaper depicts the Ternis and their young daughter, Melina, sitting on a grace site in a field in front of a minor Erdtree. Frostdice takes the still image and adds light by inserting dust particles rising from the ground and animating the smooth, throbbing movements of grace. Perhaps the most surprisingly beautiful aspect of the wallpaper is the night sky, which is now in full motion, giving the illusion of a spinning world. Additionally, the sky is alive with many shooting stars breaking through the deep blue, which contrasts perfectly with the pure gold of the towering Erdtree.

Stars and moonlight play a huge role in the lore of Ring of Elden, especially for players who follow the Ranni the Witch questline to the end. According to game lore, the order of the Black Moon presides over the primal power of the stars, and they serve as a chaotic antithesis to the order of the Great Will that guides the player through most of the game via the Two Fingers and the Erdtree. This transformative wallpaper manages to capture the divisive elements of The Lands Between and the conflicting cosmic powers that strive to rule them.

The Starscourge demigod Radahn conquered the stars with the power of gravity itself, locking them in place and banning their true power. After his defeat, the stars will resume their orbit of The Lands Between and a shooting star will open the way to Nokron, The Eternal City. In the cutscene that follows, players can see hundreds of stars shooting across the sky in a jaw-dropping event before one collapses in a blinding flash. With this live wallpaper, gamers can relive that moment and marvel at Ring of Elden‘s weirdly beautiful views with every computer launch.

Ring of Elden is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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