EVGA Warranty Changes and Step Up Program Downgrades, Does the Company Make Up for Losses?


It looks like EVGA is trying to adjust financially to the company’s downfalls over the past year. Browsing Reddit, users are highlighting changes from EVGA that went into effect last week, increasing the cost of EVGA’s extended warranties and limitations added to the EVGA Step-Up Program.

EVGA may be feeling the brunt of 2021 mistakes, making financial changes for 2022 to help adjust for losses

First, let’s discuss the changes EVGA has made to its extended warranty program.

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EVGA Changes Extended Warranties, Offering 5-7 Year Warranties, Raises Prices

Reddit user exaltare warned users on the platform that EVGA had increased the prices of their 5-year extended warranties, included a new 7-year extended warranty program, and canceled their 10-year extended warranties. The table below shows the currency changes compared to the cost prior to the current changes starting just three days ago.

EVGA Extended Warranty Comparison Chart (Before and After January 6, 2022)

MSRP Original font 5 years before 2022 NEW 5-YEAR POLICY 2022 NEW 7 YEAR POLICY 2022 10-year policy (defunct since January 6, 2022)
Less than $200 $10 $16 $24 $20
Less than $300 $15 $24 $36 $30
Less than $400 $20 $32 $48 $40
Less than $500 $25 $40 $60 $50
Less than $800 $30 $64 $96 $60
Less than $1,000 $30 $80 $120 $60
Less than $1500 $30 $120 $180 $60
1500$ and more $30 $160 $240 $60

Additional terms and conditions have also changed drastically from 2013 to 2022, especially with market changes.

EVGA warranty, prior to January 2022.

EVGA needed to reformulate its policy for its extended warranties, not only to represent the new 7-year option, but also to eliminate confusion in terms of purchasing outside of EVGA and its partners.

This is crucial, not only due to the current market for graphics cards and computer components in general, but also EVGA’s ongoing issues since July 2021. Readers will recall that EVGA had faulty GPUs when trading giant Amazon was testing his first foray into MMO gaming. , New world. After the backlash received by the company, they started offering advanced RMAs to find a solution to the problem that would appease the players. Unfortunately, the company started charging similar prices to current black market GPUs during the RMA process. EVGA has finally released a BIOS update to fix the RTX 3090 FTW3 GPUs affected by the bricking issues. The company admitted that the poor soldering designs of the RTX 3090 series PCBs were also to blame for the problems that had arisen.

To continue adding fuel to the fire, EVGA also received negative reception when the company made the decision to sell its RTX 30-series graphics cards to new consumers, pushing anyone in line of waiting to recede as the company sold to new consumers. . Shortly after this decision, EVGA canceled the sales they were going to make to satisfy their already loyal customer base, as well as to improve the queuing process.

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Finally, in no fault of their own, a shipment of EVGA cards was stolen en route from the company’s California distribution center. The company said the cards could be easily traced using the serial numbers of the stolen shipment.

EVGA Step-Up Program Limits Certain Models, Persuading Users to Buy More Expensive GPUs

EVGA’s Step-Up program allowed consumers waiting in line to upgrade the graphics card they were currently waiting to receive, potentially receiving a newer model once it becomes available. Three days ago, the manufacturer updated its policy restrictions, limiting consumers on the EVGA GPU choices they can choose. This information was posted on Reddit by user flamingpanda2018. Note that this does not currently affect any users who applied to the Step-Up program before January 2022.

However, this manufacturer decision severely limits the cards you can “upscale” depending on the graphics card you purchase. The speculation about the switch is possibly due to the greatly increased number of consumers choosing to buy lower-tier GPUs and then turning around to upgrade to a premium RTX 30-series card.

EVGA Step-Up Program, effective January 6, 2022.

It’s unclear if EVGA’s current decisions are due to their struggles over the past seven months, or if they’re due to changes caused by limitations on access to IT components due to shortages affecting all companies. of the world.

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