Fit Thins Veggie Snaps colors with a vibrant design.


Sydney-based creative studio Tweak designed dynamic packaging for the new Thins Veggie Snaps to leverage brand equity and create shelf appeal.

Tweak’s design director, Shane King, said PKN that the brief’s directive was to create a distinctive visual language for Veggie Snaps, visually articulate the product’s shape, texture and light/crispy base, and convey its healthier space.

Tweak says the use of a bright brush background with Veggie Snaps typography “hints at the natural texture of the product.”

“Key to our approach was to stimulate taste and create a sense of flavor vibrancy to appeal to consumers. Roasted vegetables were composed with photographs of fresh variants to create a clear distinction that vegetables are not just healthy , they equal the flavor,” he explained. , pointing out that the “fresh roasted ingredients” photograph was used to illustrate the crisps.

“We directed the photography with a light to highlight the shape, texture and flavor dusting of each packet, which is depicted as floating from the background, while the hero chip appears in the background. foreground with a slight curl to emphasize its thinness,” he said, adding that a dark shadow lifts the hero chip from the background to create dimension and depth in the design and accentuates further its quality as a light pad.

King says a vibrant color palette was chosen to scream on the shelves with darker tones used for contrast and to reconnect to a premium position.

“The glossy brush texture device anchors the fluid elements and establishes an architectural branding device that ties the range together,” he said, explaining that the use of a glossy brush background with Veggie Snaps typography on each package alludes to the natural texture of the product. and better positioning for you.

To leverage the equity and credentials of the Thins brand, King explains that the Tweak team balanced the logo type of the Veggie Snaps sub-brand with the “Australians’ favorite” Thins brand logo, which allowed the brand and the sub-brand to have a strong presence.

The Thins Veggie Snaps range is available in Sour Cream & Chive, Lime & Chilli and Himalayan Pink Salt flavors.


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