Former Apple CEO Jony Ive Deepens Design Process and More


Last month, former Apple chief design officer Jony Ive gave us a rare glimpse into his design process when he shared images of work in progress on a seal for the award. Terra Carta environment. Now, Wallpaper publication published an interview where Jony Ive and Prince Charles discuss the importance of the Terra Carta Prize for the environment.

As we previously reported, the seal, which exists in both digital and paper form, was created for a new environmental award from Terra Carta, host of an action forum at the United Nations Climate Change Conference. in Scotland, COP26.

The seal was created for the Sustainable Markets Initiative, reports

Forty-four private sector companies (including L’Oréal, Siemens Energy and AstraZeneca) received the first annual Terra Carta label for their commitment to accelerated action to limit global warming to 1.5 ° C by 2050. (…)

Then this month, Wallpaper shared a panel with its editor, Prince Charles, and Jony Ive on the significance of the Terra Carta Seal from last month. His Royal Highness said:

“What really pushed [the Terra Carta] is the fact that finally, after forty years of trying to raise awareness of all these questions, and of trying to bring together a whole series of people, especially from the business world, to make them understand better and better the need to sustainability, one of the things we never really could do was get the financial services industry to take it seriously, ”said Prince Charles.

Credit: wallpaper

In which, Jony Ive replied:

“When His Royal Highness was describing the Terra Carta, I was extremely struck by the fact that despite the profound nature of the challenges it was trying to overcome, the Terra Carta was not characterized by fear or terror. , there was a rather good optimism ‘

You can also watch the video of Wallpaper with Jony Ive and Prince Charles here.

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