“From the visual design to their multi-faceted personalities, the characters are my favorite aspect of Genshin Impact”: RedFlaim


Whether it is mobile games or PC games, Genshin Impact’s presence on a variety of platforms has allowed many gamers to enjoy all it has to offer. With its last victory at the Game Awards 2021 (Best Mobile Game category), the game gacha is soaring higher than ever.

Thanks to your support, Genshin Impact won the “Best Mobile Game” award at the Game Awards 2021. Thank you for accompanying us on this journey! Youtu.be/YjiloHxQ5eE#GenshinImpact

Genshin Impact has its fair share of content creators due to its ubiquity. While some gamers like to download their streams, some of them create interesting content based on the different dimensions offered by the gacha game.

RedFlaim, anime enthusiast and content creator Genshin Impact, explores different aspects of the game on his YouTube channel, which has over 10 million views. In conversation with Debolina Banerjee of Sportskeeda Esports, RedFlaim talks about her love for Genshin Impact characters, her take on 1st Anniversary rewards, and more.

RedFlaim’s take on Genshin Impact

Q. Genshin Impact is one of the most popular gacha games. What do you like the most about it? What was your journey as a content creator?

RedFlaim: There are definitely a lot of things to love about the game, especially things like the art style and the music. However, my favorite aspect would have to be the characters. Everything about them has so much detail, from their visual design elements to their multi-faceted personalities and their interactions with other characters. I particularly like discovering new things about the cultural inspirations that have influenced everyone.

Becoming a content creator for this game definitely made me feel like I had a lot more responsibility, but it’s so much fun and rewarding. I’m really grateful that the channel has been so successful so far.

Q. Genshin Impact’s recent victory at the Game Awards 2021 (Best Mobile Game category) is a testament to the fact that it is immensely popular on the mobile gaming platform. Have you ever played Genshin Impact on your mobile device? What do you think of the gacha mobile gaming community?

I can now play Genshin on my phone 😭😭 (I had an iPhone 7 before) https://t.co/xHQAl86NH9

RedFlaim: I recently played on my mobile for the first time since I finally upgraded my old iPhone 7 to a Google Pixel 6 Pro. It’s much more convenient to make daily errands, that’s for sure! The availability of Genshin Impact on PC, console, and mobile is certainly a big part of the game’s success. While different communities aren’t always on the same page, I’m glad they exist.

Q. Many YouTubers have original channel names. What prompted you to keep the name of your YouTube channel “RedFlaim”?

I just realized that the first time I got addicted to the gacha experience was in 2013 when I bought just one of these capsules and got a https://t.co/ shiny zsdxsRpFp1

RedFlaim: I know most content creators have cool stories behind their screen names, but mine isn’t really like that. My old usernames were still way too long and timeless, so one day when I signed up for a game I decided to do something more concise. Since my favorite color is red and I’ve always loved the fire element of things like Pokemon and Avatar the Last Airbender, I decided I wanted “RedFlame”.

Obviously, I knew it would be taken everywhere already, so I changed the spelling to “RedFlaim”.

Q. Your content shows that you are excellent at discovering the fine details that most players miss. What has been your favorite discovery so far?

RedFlaim: My favorite little detail isn’t really hidden away, but it’s also something most gamers won’t take the time to appreciate. I’m really into the animations that play for each character after their attack, where they reset their weapon position to default. Animations are usually canceled out by spam attacks or helping hands, so they are not normally noticed. My personal favorites are the hand signs of Hu Tao and Kazuha sheathing his sword.

Q. Your “Genshin Animation Broken Down by Professional Martial Arts Deceiver” is one of the most viewed videos on your channel. How many of these moves do you think will be useful in fighting people in real life? How enjoyable it was, can your viewers expect Part 2 of this video?

RedFlaim: Well, considering that tricking is all about physically challenging feats that look flashy, I don’t think any of these moves make a lot of practicality to them!

As for Part 2, I can promise you that it will arrive soon, but it takes a little while because we don’t want it to be in the exact same format. However, you can bet that this is another exciting watch!

Q. You have a complete playlist dedicated to Character Lore. Which character story did you find most intriguing? Who is your favorite character ?

RedFlaim: Although I don’t use it much in the game, I really resonated with Keqing’s lore. The way she stays true to her own beliefs despite being looked down upon by others is very noble. As for my favorite character in Genshin Impact overall, however, it would have to be Hu Tao. I think the way its visual design, lore, and gameplay all revolve around the theme of life and death is executed so well. His voice actors (in each language) do a great job describing different aspects of his personality.

Q. You recently went to American HoYoFest and in your video you explained that your experience was bittersweet. What was the best and the worst part of the festival?

RedFlaim: AnimeNYC was the first anime convention I attended, so I have nothing to compare it to. As I mentioned in the video unfortunately had to stand in line for an absurd amount of time to buy merchandise but other than that I had a great time. I loved seeing all the different cosplays of the different characters in Genshin Impact.

Q. Since Genshin Impact is so popular for its captivating boss fights, do you have a memorable boss to defeat that was quite satisfying?

RedFlaim: For me, Childe’s boss fight was the most memorable in Genshin Impact. The combination of the three different slowly accumulating phases, along with the intense background music, made my heart beat faster! The fight itself wasn’t that hard because it’s straightforward with no crazy mechanics to watch out for, but this emotional experience was unforgettable.

Q. miHoYo has received a pretty severe backlash when it comes to birthday rewards. Since you also made a video expressing your dissent, can you tell us how miHoYo could have done it differently? What other rewards could they have given out to please the community?

RedFlaim: Aside from the obvious distribution of primogems or wishing fates, I think there is a lot that could have been done to make Genshin Impact’s 1st anniversary more special. For example, I would have really liked exclusive items like a pet or a business card. Most players would prefer something a little more useful, like a free 5-star standard banner or a 4-star character of your choice.

Q. Your YouTube channel is about to reach 100,000 subscribers. Do you have something special planned for this milestone? What is your message to the Genshin Impact content creators who are also aiming for the silver YouTube plaque?

RedFlaim: I would say that I plan to dress up as a fan favorite Inazuman Fatui Harbinger in the future, but other than that I don’t have much planned. In my eyes, the best way to give back to my viewers is to simply keep giving them more Genshin Impact content to enjoy.

For other aspiring creators, my best advice is to make your content stand out using your individual strengths. Be consistent with your work!

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