Genshin Impact Fan Shows Impressive Scaramouche Animation


A fan artist shares an amazing animation featuring Genshin Impact’s fan-favorite character Scaramouche in a short but smooth clip.

Genshin Impact Scaramouch

MiHoYo’s art style and designs Genshin Impact became a huge inspiration for fans to make their own homages to the various locations, enemies, and playable characters. A recent piece took the Scaramouche character, which fans hope will soon become playable in future updates, and gave him a new animation that shows a close and personal look at his design.

This latest piece comes from fan artist Ariel Nantes, who has become a regular following online, primarily for her Genshin Impact related fan art that often recreates fan-favorite characters. A number of the artist’s previous works include impressive works by Scaramouche, as well as other popular game characters like Venti, Zhongli, and Kazuha.


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In this most recent piece, Nantes animated a very close look at Scaramouche, giving an unobstructed view of the face, the hair and especially the magical nature of his eyes. It’s a short clip, only about three seconds long, and shows the character seemingly waking up, or at least opening his eyes and tilting his head to look forward. Although not much is happening in the clip, the smooth motion of the animation perfectly recreates Genshin Impact‘s Scaramouche in the Chinese anime art style that influences much of the game itself.

The animation itself is masterfully done, with an explicit focus on Scaramouche’s eyes and eyelashes that emphasize the character’s magical properties and the vibrant colors that go along with his design. Additionally, the movement of the hair during this simple movement is another level of detail that animations made by a single animator cannot always achieve without taking this realistic external movement into account. Everything comes together to really bring the Genshin Impact character to life, which will hopefully hold fans over until the character is finally confirmed by developer MiHoYo.

This type of artwork has become a big part of the Genshin Impact community, with fan artists recreating their own interpretations of the characters that MiHoYo has already so skillfully crafted. Animation of this quality, however, is a rarer sight among fans, even if this specific piece is only a few seconds long and amounts to little more than a short close-up. So, Genshin Impact fans looking to see more fan-made content around the game may want to check out Nantes and their previous work to reinterpret some popular characters.

Genshin Impact is now available for Mobile, PC, PS4 and PS5. A Switch version is also in development.

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