Ghost of Tsushima fan presents amazing custom PS5 design


A devoted fan of the exclusive PlayStation hit Ghost of Tsushima gets a custom paint job for the PS5 facades, showing the design online.


When the Playstation 5 was first revealed in late 2020, fans saw the long white blades that make up the sides of the console like a canvas for potential custom art around the faceplates of the Xbox 360 days. they were deliberately designed to come off and be replaceable, which took this theory even further. It’s been almost a year since its release, but Sony hasn’t officially made facade designs a reality. As such, creative fans are starting to create custom PS5 faceplates on their own.

Reddit user kamikazee786 decided to add the customization he wanted to his PS5 and posted the results on the r / playstation subreddit. They chose a look inspired by Ghost of Tsushima and the faceplates were professionally water dipped and featured samurai helmets on either side of the plates. The kabutos (as they are called in Japanese) are colored in white and gray against a matte black background of the new plates. For accents, they got a red vinyl sticker for the main body of the PS5 to make the console stand out even more. The red accent bleeds into the PS5 logo which is cut out on the front of the faceplate, further enhancing the design.

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Kamikazee786 claims they did the hydro dip for around £ 80 (around US $ 110), which they admit was expensive, but the results deserved it. Various companies make vinyl stickers for PS5s, so it is assumed that they reused one for the cause. The helmets used don’t seem to match those found in the game, but the sentiment lingers anyway. Fans in the comments section are applauding the work despite kamikazee786’s claim that their camera work takes away some of the detail. Nonetheless, it’s a great design and makes this PS5 console one of a kind.

The PS5 seemed ready to use its facades for elaborate special edition designs for certain games, especially their proprietary titles. Companies like SkinIt still sell full body vinyl wraps and other places try to stay under Sony’s radar and offer matte black finishes that the PS5 is apparently asking for. Either due to ongoing supply chain issues that continued to hamper production of the PS5 or for some other corporate reason, Sony has not decided to capitalize on manufacturing the console as a special edition or even just on the facades.

The decision not to sell official facades is even more puzzling since Sony has sent cease and desist orders to various companies that sell them on their own. While it remains to be seen if the company will start offering official designs, fans will surely continue to make custom consoles until that happens.

Ghost of Tsushima is now available on PS4 and PS5.

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Ghost of the Mongol invasion of Tsushima
Ghost of Tsushima fan painting looks like the real deal

Redditor Theoson shares his Ghost of Tsushima-influenced painting inspired by the initial Mongol invasion on Tsushima at the start of the game.

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