How to Add Bluetooth File Transfer Shortcuts to Windows 10 and 11


Many users use Bluetooth in Windows to connect wireless devices to their PC. And once you’ve set up a Bluetooth connection, you can use it to transfer files between tablets, smartphones, and other paired mobile devices with the Windows Bluetooth File Transfer Tool.

By clicking Send or receive files via Bluetooth in Settings will open Bluetooth File Transfer. However, setting up a Bluetooth File Transfer shortcut will make this tool more directly accessible. This is how you can establish desktop, taskbar, start menu, keyboard, and context menu shortcuts to open the Bluetooth file transfer tool in Windows 10 and 11.

How to Add Bluetooth File Transfer Shortcut to Desktop

The desktop is the most obvious place to add shortcuts in Windows. You can easily add a Bluetooth file transfer icon to it manually with the Create Shortcut wizard. Here’s how to set up a desktop shortcut for Bluetooth file transfer in Windows 11:

  1. Right-click any part of the desktop wallpaper where there are no icons to select New.
  2. Click it Shortcut sub-menu option to display the wizard.
  3. To input %windir%System32fsquirt.exe in the item location box of the Create Shortcut wizard.
  4. Hurry Next to go to the second step.
  5. Delete the title of the current shortcut in the name box and type Bluetooth file transfer the.
  6. Select Finish to add the new Bluetooth File Transfer shortcut.
  7. Now double click on the Bluetooth File Transfer icon to open this tool from the desktop.

The shortcut will already have a proper Bluetooth icon. However, you can always download a different Bluetooth icon from the IconArchive website. Enter Bluetooth in the search box of this website, select an icon and click the ICO button to download.

To add your downloaded icon, right-click the Bluetooth File Transfer shortcut and select Properties. Select the Change icon option; Click on Browse in the Change icon window, choose the downloaded Bluetooth icon and press OKAY. Select Apply in the Bluetooth File Transfer Properties window to add the icon.

How to Add Bluetooth File Transfer Shortcut to Taskbar and Start Menu

Adding a Bluetooth File Transfer desktop shortcut will also allow you to configure taskbar and Start menu shortcuts.

To do this, right-click the Bluetooth File Transfer shortcut to select Show more options in the context menu of Windows 11. You will see Pin to taskbar and Pin to start choice in the classic context menu. Select either option to add the shortcut to the taskbar or Start menu.

The Bluetooth File Transfer shortcut icon will be clearly visible in the taskbar. You can find the Start menu shortcut for this tool in the Pinned section to the front of this menu. You can remove the desktop shortcut after adding Bluetooth File Transfer to the taskbar or start menu by right-clicking its icon and selecting Wipe off.

How to Set Up a Bluetooth File Transfer Keyboard Shortcut

You can also configure a Ctrl + Alt keyboard shortcut to open the Bluetooth File Transfer Tool. You can easily apply a keyboard shortcut to the BFT desktop shortcut by doing the following:

  1. Add Bluetooth File Transfer to the desktop as shown for the first method in this guide.
  2. Right-click the Bluetooth File Transfer icon on your desktop wallpaper and select the icon Properties option in the menu that opens.
  3. Click in this window Shortcut key box, and press the B key.
  4. Select Apply to define the new CTRL + Other + B keyboard shortcut.
  5. Exit the Bluetooth File Transfer Properties window by clicking OKAY.

You can now open Bluetooth File Transfer by tapping CTRL + Other + B keys at the same time. Remember that the keyboard shortcut is for the desktop shortcut. Deleting the desktop shortcut will also break its keyboard shortcut.

The context menu is the one you can open by right-clicking on the desktop. In Windows 11, this menu has a secondary classic context menu where you can add all kinds of shortcuts. This is the perfect place to add a Bluetooth file transfer shortcut out of the way.

We can add such a shortcut to the desktop context menu either by manually configuring a registry script or with the freeware Winaero Tweaker. It is undoubtedly easier to add a Bluetooth File Transfer context menu shortcut with Winaero Tweaker. By doing so, you will also experience one of the best customization utilities for Windows! Here is how to configure a Bluetooth File Transfer context menu option with this software:

  1. View the software download page on the Winaero Tweaker website.
  2. Hurry To download on this webpage to get Winaero Tweaker ZIP archive.
  3. Next, click the File Explorer button on your taskbar to navigate to the folder containing the file.
  4. To unzip the archive, right click on it and select Extract all.
  5. Select the Show extracted files and Extract ZIP archive extraction utility options.
  6. Double-click WinaeroTweaker- to start a setup wizard for Winaero Tweaker.
  7. Select to accept the Winaero Tweaker license agreement and install the software in the setup wizard.
  8. After installation, select a Run Winaero Tweaker option before exiting the setup wizard. Then you can click Finish to immediately launch the software.
  9. Double click on the Contextual menu the settings category in the left sidebar of Winaero Tweaker.
  10. Click it Bluetooth option from there.
  11. Select the Add a Bluetooth submenu to the desktop context menu check box.

Now try the new Bluetooth File Transfer shortcut in the context menu. Right-click on an area of ​​your desktop wallpaper that is not cluttered with icons to select Show more options (or press the Gap + F10 shortcut key). Move the cursor to the new Bluetooth submenu of the classic context menu, and select the Bluetooth file transfer option.

This submenu also includes other Bluetooth shortcuts. You can select Bluetooth devices to open the pairing option in settings. Or click Material, COM portsand Choice to open these tabs of the Bluetooth Settings window.

The Bluetooth the submenu can be easily removed from the context menu. You can remove it by deselecting the Add Bluetooth submenu checkbox in Winaero Tweaker. Or select Reset this page to default values for this setting in the toolbar of Winaero Tweaker.

You won’t have to dig into settings to access Bluetooth File Transfer once you’ve set up a shortcut for this tool. A shortcut on the desktop, start menu, keyboard, taskbar, or context menu will let you open Bluetooth File Transfer almost immediately whenever you need to transfer files between devices. Configure the type of shortcut you prefer to open this tool.


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