How to change the wallpaper and choose a color theme


How to choose a wallpaper and apply a color theme to match the icons with Android 12, as well as change the grid spacing for a more personalized look.

Material You is one of the most notable changes that Google made under Android 12 and also the fastest way to personalize a smartphone, matching the system colors to the wallpaper selection. Of course, there’s more to this new design language than just a simple color theme, paying special attention to icon spacing, the type of animations used, as well as contrast and even thickness of the icons. lines to make the user interface more attractive.

Android 12 marks the nineteenth anniversary of the world’s most popular mobile operating system. Part of the reason for its success is due to its open source debut and thirteen years later it still is. Of course, some of the coolest things about Android are the essential apps that Google privately developed like the Play Store, Google Maps, its amazing camera app, and more. An Android phone without Google services just isn’t the same.


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Google has a lot of big changes in Android 12 and the new theme is among the most satisfying. The refreshed design unifies the overall feel of the operating system, making it more personal and user-friendly. When a new wallpaper is selected, it is now possible to choose alternative colors to use in Android, either basic predefined colors or a palette taken from the new wallpaper. To use this feature, users need to open the Settings app and then scroll down to find the “Wallpaper & Style” heading. Touch to display controls for choosing a photo or image for the background and, below, the color choices.

Android 12 wallpaper and style options

Google Pixel 4a 5G with Android 12 and date of August 3

Beyond the basic color theme choices, or those taken from the wallpaper, which are possible with the background selection, there are other ways to customize the look, which can be found by making scroll down. Dark Theme Switcher is a Quick Way to Create a New Style and one that might look best in low light environments. A phone that explodes like a flashlight can be hard on the eyes and annoy others in some cases, so this is a quick way to activate this feature.

Since Android 12 is still in beta testing, some of the features described may change. Currently, there is an option to use “thematic icons”, which allows the color choices made in the wallpaper section to be applied to Google applications. This means that all icons on the home screen of Google Chrome, Maps, Camera, Gmail and others will be replaced with a monochrome style corresponding to the selected color theme. The final option is to change the icon spacing with a default 5 by 5 grid, or a looser arrangement including 4 by 4, 4 by 5, 3 by 3, and even a 2 by 2 grid option which results in a very large app icons. Combining wallpaper themes and styles with widgets makes customizing the look of an Android phone easier than ever.

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