How to change your PS4 wallpaper


Give your PS4 the decoration it deserves by adding or changing a neat wallpaper to display.

change ps4 wallpaper

Your PS4 not only gives you the option of using themes, but also wallpapers as your home screen background, which can open up a wide range of possibilities.

Whether you’re looking to frame an amazing in-game screenshot, custom wallpaper, or a photo you’ve taken, here’s how you can set any image as your PS4 wallpaper.

How to set your PS4 wallpaper

The PS4 Custom Pictures Menu

To set your PS4 wallpaper, go to your PS4 wallpaper Settings, select Themes, then Select a theme. Scroll down and select the folder titled Custom. Here you can edit, preview and apply your PS4 wallpaper. Browse the Select an image option.

You can now choose between screenshots saved to your PS4 or images saved to an external USB storage device. Once you’ve picked the right image, you can adjust and zoom it to make sure it fits perfectly.

Now you will be at Custom menu. To select Overview to sample your wallpaper in case it needs changes. To select To apply once you’re happy with how everything looks.

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How do I set an image as my PS4 wallpaper?

PS4 internet browser app with TLOU Part II wallpaper

There are several ways to set any image as your PS4 wallpaper.

The obvious option is to copy all the images you like to a USB drive, group them together in a folder titled IMAGES, then select the ones you want to keep on your PS4 and set them as your wallpaper.

However, there are two methods which are arguably more convenient than this one.

The first method is to use your PS4 Web browser app, find the image you have chosen, display it in full screen by pressing square, and then take a screenshot. This keeps everything in one device and avoids unnecessary work by creating folders etc.

The second method is to transfer pictures to your PS4 through the PlayStation app. For this, you must download the PS application on your phone and log into your PSN account on it.

Then get the picture you want on your phone, send it to a PSN friend through the PS app and access it on your PS4 in the messages section. You can then select the image to view it in full screen, wait for the information prompt to disappear, and then take a screenshot of that image.

Your photos will be in the All folder and Other screenshots folder of your PS4. While you can use any image, be sure to check out some custom wallpapers on the PlayStation website.

Keep the user interface of your PS4 aesthetic and organized

Now you can set any image as a PS4 screensaver! Go and enjoy the many wallpaper options and don’t limit yourself to your PS4 themes.

Introducing your PS4 is a two-part job. In order to have a high quality PS4 user interface, you need to keep it both aesthetically pleasing and organized.


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