How to Change Your Roku TV Home Screen Wallpaper and Screensaver


If you don’t like the default purple theme that comes with your Roku smart TV or streaming player, there are a variety of home screen wallpapers, screensavers, and more to choose from. and sounds. In this article, I’ll show you how to customize your Roku TVs. home screen wallpaper and screen saver as you like.

To change the default home screen wallpaper, you can either choose a theme pack or one wallpaperr

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Change theme

A themepack is a unified collection of home screens wallpaper, screen saver and sounds who look at each other and work together under a common theme. For example, the Jungle Theme Pack comes with a home screen wallpaper that looks like a jungle, sounds that imitate jungle animals, and a screensaver with forests, streams, and wild animals.

Roku Settings > Theme

To change the theme pack for your Roku TV, go to Settings > select Theme > Select Theme Packs. There are a variety of theme packs to choose from, such as Space, Jungle, Western, Romance, Children and more.

Roku Theme Packs

Now download the theme pack of your choice and once done, select it and press Define theme pack. Now the TV home screen wallpaper, screen saver and sounds will be replaced with your newly selected theme pack.

Jungle Roku Wallpaper Theme Pack

Change wallpaper

If you want to choose each room separately, you can also just download the wallpaper you like.

To set a different wallpaper from the theme pack, go to Settings > Theme > Wallpapers. Browse for the wallpaper of your choice and select Get wallpaper.

Roku wallpaper

Once the wallpaper is downloaded, select it, then select “Set as Wallpaper”. When you press the home button on your remote, you should see the new wallpaper adorning your TV. homepage.

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Change screen saver

Roku Screensavers

To select a separate screensaver from your theme pack, go to Settings > Theme > Screensavers. Browse a catalog of hundreds of screensavers. Select the one you prefer and select “Get a screen saver”. The download should start immediately and when complete select “Set as screen saver”.

Roku set as screensaver

You can also choose the Start time of your screen saver. This is the amount of time your device must be idle before the screensaver appears. To do this, go back and under additional settings, select Screen saver start time. You can choose from pre-selected periods of 1, 5, 10 and 30 minutes.

Here’s a quick Youtube video tutorial we made on how to change your Roku TV’s wallpaper and screensaver;

You can see the wallpaper, screen saver and sounds you have chosen by going to Settings then Theme.


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