How to Create Live Wallpaper on iPhone or Android


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Check out how to create live wallpaper on iPhone or Android

Setting a live wallpaper on your cell phone lock and home screen can make your device fascinating and eye-catching. Live wallpapers stay still until you contact them and can become an amazing way to remake your phones. Customers can create their own live wallpapers from videos and GIFs, depending on the device you have and the source of the wallpaper, the strategy you use will change.

How to create an animated wallpaper on an iPhone

If you have an iPhone 6S or later, you can create an iPhone live wallpaper natively, without having to download an app. This is because iPhone 6S and later models (excluding the first generation iPhone SE) allow you to take live photos and also enable 3D or Haptic Touch. Live Photos are very short video clips that allow you to edit and choose the perfect frame for your photo. However, they can also be used as live wallpapers. Here’s how to do it in iOS 13 and iOS 14.

  • Go to Settings> Wallpaper.
  • Tap Choose new wallpaper. Scroll down and tap Live Photos.
  • Select a photo. Make sure Live Photo: On is turned on.
  • Touch Set. Choose Set Lock Screen or Set Both. The home screen setting is not critical because the wallpaper does not move on the home screen.
  • Once you have done that, you will have a live wallpaper that animates on the lock screen when you hold the image down. You can also use various iOS apps to save GIF or video as live photo, which you can then set as live wallpaper. For example, IntoLive is a popular iOS app that can turn your videos into Live Photos, just like Giphy.

How to create live wallpapers on Android

  • Android doesn’t offer built-in live wallpapers like iOS, but you can access similar features through a third-party live wallpaper app. Google Play offers a variety of different apps for this. Some of the most popular are Video Live from Idutchsolutions.
  • Wallpaper, GIF Live Wallpaper and Walloop 4k / 3D HD Live Wallpapers and Backgrounds.
  • Other apps will even automate the process for you, creating and setting new live wallpapers as often as you like. We love Muzei Live Wallpaper because it will bring you new live wallpaper with well-known artwork every day. Meanwhile, Forest Live Wallpaper brings you forest themed live wallpapers.
  • To create your own live wallpaper from video on your phone, try using Video Live Wallpaper. It’s like that:
  • Open the app, then tap Gallery. Choose the video you want to use to create an animated wallpaper.
  • Choose the settings you want for the live wallpaper. There is an option to play audio, which probably isn’t the best idea if you want to save battery or be unobtrusive. You can loop the video for non-stop playback. Choose Play Video Screen to make your live wallpaper work even if an app is open.
  • Once you have chosen the settings you want, click on Set Live Wallpaper. That’s all. Although there are many similar live wallpaper apps out there, Video Live Wallpaper is worth checking out. However, if you are still not sure what you want, you can try different apps and explore your creativity.

Final Words: How to Make Live Wallpaper on iPhone or Android

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