How to Customize Windows 11 Lock Screen


When you use your Windows 11 PC, you will notice that you stare at its lock screen a lot. It appears when you start the PC, log off or manually lock the computer. As such, you’ll want the Windows 11 lock screen to be as sleek as you want it to be.

By default, the lock screen displays a calendar date and time in the center, a network icon in the bottom right, and random Windows Spotlight backgrounds as your wallpaper. However, there are several ways to customize the Windows 11 lock screen according to your preferences.

How to Change Lock Screen Background on Windows 11

The lock screen includes random Spotlight background images, which are beautiful photos. However, you may prefer to add your own images to the lock screen instead. You can customize this screen to include images of your choice through the settings as follows.

  1. First, click on Windows 11 To start up button to bring up the main menu of the platform.
  2. Select the pinned Settings app from there.
  3. Click it Personalization tab and sound Lock Screen Navigation option.
    Lock screen options in settings
  4. Choose the Picture possibility on the Customize your lock screen scrolling menu.
    Lock screen image options
  5. Then click Personalize your lock screen to display its image options.
  6. press the Browse photos button.
  7. Select an image for the lock screen background and press the key Choose picture button.

Now your lock screen will include the background image you chose. If you prefer, you can include a slideshow background for the lock screen that automatically rotates the images it displays. You can set up a lock screen slideshow as follows.

  1. Select the Slideshow option from the drop-down menu.
    Lock slideshow settings to screen
  2. Click it Browse button.
  3. Choose a folder containing images for a slideshow. If you don’t have such a folder, create a new one that includes only the lock screen slideshow images.
  4. press the Choose this folder button.
  5. Click on Advanced Slideshow settings to expand its options. Then you can select optional parameters such as Only use images that fit my screen and Include camera roll folders from This PC and OneDrive.
  6. Then click on the Turn off the screen after playing the slideshow for drop-down menu to select a preference option.

When you select the Picture Where Slideshow option, you can change a few other settings as well. If you don’t want the login screen to share the same wallpaper as the lock screen, disable Show lock screen background image on login screen setting. Then the login screen will have a blank background.

There is also a Get fun facts, tips, tricks and more on your lock screen setting in picture options. If you don’t want fun facts and trivial tips on your lock screen, uncheck this box.

How to Change Lock Screen Apps Shown on Windows 11

The lock screen can display three different app statuses. Its default configuration is to show calendar time and date. However, you can change the screen to show details from the messaging or weather app instead.

To do this, simply click on the Lock Screen State drop-down menu of the option in the settings, which is just below Customize your lock screen. Then select another application option from the menu. or you can choose Any in place.

The Lock Screen State option

How to Adjust Timeout Settings for Lock Screen in Windows 11

Timeout settings are related options that determine how long your PC must be idle to activate sleep mode. You’ll see your lock screen more often by selecting a lower timeout setting. This is how you can change the lock screen timeout settings.

  1. To select Personalization and Lock screen in Settings.
  2. Then click on the Navigation on screen timeout option.
  3. To select Screen and sleep to show the options in the snapshot just below.
    The screen and standby settings
  4. Click it Once plugged in, turn off my screen afterwards drop-down menu to select a timeout option.
  5. Select a timeout option on the Once plugged in, put my device to sleep after scrolling menu.

How to Remove Network Icon from Lock Screen in Windows 11

The network icon on the Windows 11 lock screen might seem like a rather useless addition. However, there is no built-in option to remove this icon. Nevertheless, you can still get rid of the network icon from the lock screen with the free WinAero Tweaker customization app for Windows as follows.

  1. Visit the WinAero Tweaker download page in your favorite browser.
  2. Click on Download WinAero Tweaker to save its ZIP file in a folder.
  3. Display the File Explorer window by clicking the folder icon in the taskbar.
  4. Open the folder where you downloaded the WinAero Tweaker ZIP and select the ZIP archive of the program.
  5. Tap File Explorer Extract All button.
    The Extract All button in File Explorer
  6. Click on Browse to choose a path to extract the ZIP to (or you can stick with the default location).
  7. Check the box for the View extracted files when complete option.
    The Extract Compressed window
  8. Click it Extract button.
  9. Double click Setup WinaeroTweaker- in the extracted folder to install the software. The version numbers at the end may be different when you download the file.
  10. Open the WinAero Tweaker window.
  11. Double click on the Startup and Login category to expand its options.
  12. Then select the Network icon on lock screen option shown directly below.
    The Network icon option on the lock screen
  13. Click on Disable Network icon on lock screen check box to select it.
  14. press the Log out now button in WinAero Tweaker. Thereafter, your lock screen will no longer include the network icon.

WinAero Tweaker also includes a few other lock screen customization settings worth noting. For example, you can configure how long a lock screen image slideshow plays, in seconds, with the Lock Screen Slideshow Duration setting. Click this option to the left of WinAero Tweaker and enter a slideshow duration in seconds in the Lock screen slideshow duration box.

The Lock Screen Slideshow Duration option

WinAero Tweaker lets you save Windows Spotlight lock screen images to your hard drive. So you can save the ones you like for personalized lock screen slideshows. To save the current Windows Spotlight photo, click find the lock screen Pictures. Then select the Get this one option for landscape orientation.

Search lock screen images option

Related: How to find Windows 10 Spotlight lock screen imagesYou can even disable the lock screen entirely with WinAero Tweaker. To do this, select Disable lock screen on the left side of his window. Then select the Disable lock screen checkbox and press the Logout button.

The lock screen disable option

Customize Windows 11 Lock Screen to Suit You Better

So you don’t have to stick with the default Windows 11 lock screen. Windows 11 might not include a lot of lock screen customization options, but you can always change its wallpaper and its apps through settings. WinAero Tweaker also provides useful additional settings to configure the lock screen.

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