How to Disable Design Ideas in PowerPoint


When creating a presentation in power point, you’ll see a pane on the left of the PowerPoint interface showing you some great design ideas you can try to make the presentation more engaging for your audience. the Design ideas The feature works automatically in the background to match the content you put on the slide. Design Ideas will display still images and even moving images that you can choose from in the pane.

How to Disable Design Ideas in PowerPoint

Follow one of the methods below to disable Design Ideas in Microsoft PowerPoint:

  1. Using the Design Ideas button.
  2. Using the Design Idea pane
  3. Via PowerPoint options settings

1]Disable design ideas using the Design Ideas button

To throw power point.

Type some text in your slide and click the Design ideas button on the Residence tab in the Design group to open the Design idea window.

Click it Design again to disable design ideas.

2]Disable Design Ideas in the Design Idea Pane

On the Design ideas pane, click on the link ‘stop showing ideas for new presentations,’ this will turn off for new PowerPoint games, and the Design ideas the shutter will close. You can also click on the close button to disable design ideas.

3]Disable Design Ideas in PowerPoint Options Settings

Click it Case tongue.

In the backstage view, click Choice.

A PowerPoint Options dialog box will open.

On the General tab, scroll down to the section PowerPoint Designer.

Uncheck the box ‘Automatically show me design ideas.’

Click on OKAY.

The Design Ideas pane is disabled.

We hope this tutorial helps you understand how to turn off Design Ideas in PowerPoint. If you have any questions about the tutorial, let us know in the comments.

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What are Design Ideas in PowerPoint?

Design Idea is a feature that gives your slide a complete makeover. it examines the content of your slide and offers you a variety of design choices depending on what it’s fine-tuning; select the design that best suits your presentation from the Design Ideas pane.

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How to apply patterns to all slides?

If you want to apply a design to all slides at once, you should use the themes feature in the Design tab. The theme feature contains various theme layouts, and each time you insert a new slide, the theme will automatically apply to the new slide, whereas with Design Ideas, once you select an idea, it won’t apply. will not automatically apply to the next new slide. Design ideas only apply to one slide at a time, with different layouts.

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