Inside Anna Sui’s fantastic apartment, where every room contains a fascinating surprise


“Designing a room is a lot like designing a collection,” says Anna Sui of her apartment in Greenwich Village, where she has lived for more than 20 years. How? Both require historical research for inspiration, a decisive color palette, and “a mood that I try to create,” she says, accomplished by filling a space with beautiful and interesting things.

Her “Silver Living Room” is inspired by the work of eccentric decorator Rose Cumming and features hand-painted, reflective chinoiserie wallpaper and William De Morgan dodo bird tiles. (Acquiring the rare tiles was a dream of Sui’s – “I had seen them in books and at the Victoria and Albert Museum,” she says. However, she feared they were no longer in production, until a V&A curator shares that. has been a place that still replicated De Morgan’s intricate work.) Then there’s the Red Room, which features a cabinet full of vintage vogues. Her guest bedroom, transformed into a dressing room, is adorned with a mural by Hilary Knight, the illustrator of Eloise.

In the last video of vogueSui’s Objects of Affection series takes you through the clothing, furniture and design accents that define her interior style as well as herself. They vary widely – from a caftan that once belonged to Elizabeth Taylor to an antique fireplace she found in Holland, Michigan – but they all have one common thread: “There’s always a sense of irony,” Sui says.

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