iOS 16’s ‘Sleep’ wallpaper mode is a preview of the iPhone always-on display


iOS 16 brings a “Sleep” wallpaper state that dims screen colors, previewing an always-on display for iPhone that could arrive in the fall.

The iOS16 The upgrade is set to bring a host of changes to the iPhone lock screen – including widgets, Live Activities and color filters – but comes with a new “Sleep” state which previews an always-on mode that could be coming to iPhones in the fall. The next software release was announced and previewed at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June, an event focused on software but which occasionally features hardware releases. The next version of Apple’s mobile operating system brings changes to iMessage, the lock screen, and SharePlay. The next version of iOS may give a glimpse of what the next generation of iPhones could look like, and a recent change bolsters leaks about an upcoming always-on display.


After an iOS release is announced, there is a period of software betas that give developers and the public a taste of the next generation of iPhone software. Beta versions of developer software are rolled out first to help developers ensure that their apps and software will work with the next version of iOS. It is also the most unstable version of the software, so it is recommended to use it only for development. However, after a few weeks, a public beta is made available to anyone with an Apple ID who enrolls in the Apple Beta software program. This allows users to test out the latest features for themselves before they roll out to the public in the fall.

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Changes to the lock screen UI on iOS 16 directly mirror the watch face UI found on watchOS. Users will be able to store multiple saved lock screens on their device at once and switch between them by holding down the lock screen and swiping left or right. These wallpapers can be linked to focus modes, so the lock screen can change automatically when a home, work, or sleep focus mode is activated. The collection of saved lock screens appears instantly recognizable to Apple Watch users, and a new wallpaper state reflects how an always-on display works on Apple Watch.

‘Sleep’ state previews a permanent display

iOS 16 Developer Beta 4 introduced a new wallpaper state that is on by default, and it’s easy to miss if a user isn’t looking for it. In the latest developer beta, the way an iPhone wakes from sleep mode is different from previous versions of iOS. Whether an iPhone wakes from sleep mode by pressing the power button, tapping the screen, or lifting the device, the lock screen will slowly fade in color. On closer inspection, the lock screen has a dark color gradient when first woken up, but develops into the wallpaper color over the next few seconds.

The way the lock screen wakes up on an iPhone running the latest developer beta of iOS 16 is similar to how Always-On Display works on Apple Watch. When the smartwatch goes to sleep, the display loses the vivid colors of a given wallpaper, but remains visible in a dark color gradient. While there’s currently no iPhone with an always-on screen, the way the lock screen slowly returns to color seems perfectly suited to an always-on feature. With leaks already pointing to a next-gen iPhone with an always-on display, the iOS16 change indicates that the feature could come to the iPhone in the fall.

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Source: Apple Developer


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