“IOS App Icon Book” celebrates the art of app icon design in a hardcover book perfect for UI / UX designers


Let’s just say if there was a Bible for icon designers, it would probably be this book by Michael Flarup. Entitled “The iOS App Icon Book,” this beautiful hardcover publication captures years of digital design, brought about by the advent of the App Store with the launch of the very first iPhone.

Designer: Michael Flarup

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“The design changed forever with the introduction of the smartphone,” says Flarup seated in front of a white background, in Apple’s rather keynote video above. “Whole new disciplines have been created and existing ones have been transformed,” he mentions, explaining how virtual app icons practically became the wrapper we consumed before the functionality of the app itself. , serving as a powerful link between creator and user, and distilling the entirety of an application. experience in a very small square which was a gateway to the application itself.

“I thought Logo Design had some nice coffee table books dedicated to them, didn’t I?” So why not App Icon Design? Flarup asked. This question led to a 4-year journey that included many sleepless nights, hours spent in front of computers, and over 10,000 emails, ultimately culminating in The App Icon Book, a collection of popular app icons, theirs. iterations over the years, their design analyzes, and the history of their creation. Flarup’s labor of love is almost encyclopedic in the way it beautifully captures every aspect of something as humble as the app icon… or as I like to call it, the welcome mat that takes you. crosses a digital threshold in a virtual world.

The book serves many purposes … Created not only for designers, but for anyone who finds the concept of the app icon an interesting topic, the iOS App Icon Book acts as a visual reference, a source inspiration and a historical archive that documents all the different visual styles over the years, from the days of Skeuomorphic design to the current trend of flat iconography. It starts with a foreword from Flarup, a designer and connoisseur of app icons himself, followed by a brief history of the iOS App Store platform and a quick intro on the design process behind. creating application icons. The purpose of the introduction is to give readers the background they need to better understand and appreciate icons. The book is also peppered with artist spotlight, with interviews from the creators behind some of the most memorable and interesting app icons, and revealing the stories of the humans behind the iconic artwork.

Covering nearly 150 pages of rich, vibrant, high-resolution artwork in comprehensive documentation, the book is a handy must-have for designers, creatives, and studios. It’s easily the most definitive anthology on app icons to date, and makes a perfect book to peruse while sipping coffee, or to have on your table while you present your concepts to a client, or simply hover for your daily visual stimulation! The book costs $ 68 on Kickstarter and will ship in April 2022.

Click here to buy now: $ 69. Hurry, for a limited time only. Raised over $ 130,000.

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