Luca Guadagnino judges the Wallpaper * Design Awards 2022


Luca Guadagnino judge Wallpaper * Design Awards 2022

Italian director Luca Guadagnino, who recently extended his work to design and interiors, talks about his projects and judges the Wallpaper * Design Awards 2022

With a visual language that offers viewers eye-catching fashion and architecture, filmmaker Luca Guadagnino has carved a singular mark in the public imagination, giving a sumptuous form to films like his hit hit. I am love and Oscar nominee Call me by your name. Yet Guadagnino’s eye for sets, costumes, and landscapes also transforms the lavishness into a shroud for layers of emotional appetites, immersing us deeper into his tales as he examines the rockets and interactions of desire. human, all enlivened by enigmas under the chandelier.

Luca Guadagnino: from cinema to design

The Italian director, who grew up in Ethiopia and Sicily, possesses a talent for a great thinker that catapulted him into unexpected territories. He immersed himself in the horror genre with the next one Bones and all film, set in the American Midwest and starring Timothée Chalamet, Taylor Russell, André Holland and Chloë Sevigny, after its previous remake of Dario Argento’s film Suspiria. He experimented with television in the coming-of-age poll series We are who we are. And he got into fashion with the recent documentary Salvatore, about the legendary Ferragamo founder, who followed several campaign films for the brand alongside a number for Fendi, prompting The New York Times to qualify him as “essential director of fashion”.

The Lake Como house by Federico Marchetti, former CEO of the Yoox Net-A-Porter group, with interiors by Luca Guadagnino

In an approach both surprising for an internationally renowned filmmaker, but quite logical for someone with his precise sense of the sublime, Guadagnino works in moonlight as an interior designer. This second career began with the interiors of his 17th century house in Crema, a small town an hour from Milan, which featured as a backdrop in Call me by your name, and the conception of a getaway to Lake Como for his friend, the founder of Yoox, Federico Marchetti. Guadagnino then founded his eponymous design studio, and current orders include a new hotel in an iconic Rome building slated to open in 2023, terracotta fireplace designs for the historic Nymphenburg porcelain company, and a series of private houses. As with his movie sets, his taste for design goes towards the hazy colors of antique candy shops and the details hand-crafted by the kind of craftsmen still found in Italy and Central Europe.

“Working in architecture and design has given me a lot of motivation and focus,” says Guadagnino. “Cinema has been part of my personal landscape since I was a child, but by learning new tools to achieve new goals, I’ve found something that relieves the repetition of cinema. “

The Space of Mind booth, by Studio Puisto, Made by Choice and Protos Demos, was Guadagnino’s first choice for Life-Enhancer of the Year at the Wallpaper * Design Awards 2022. Photography: Marc Goodwin

This personal connection to the stimulating power of design drew him to the Space of Mind cabin in this year’s Life-Enhancer of the Year category. “It’s a beautiful and articulate idea,” Guadagnino explains of the hut, whose Finnish wooden planks form a construction of oblique geometries that gracefully reflect the natural slopes of the terrain. “It’s a beautiful organic shape that can easily fit into green spaces, and it would be perfect for public or private uses. He sees the hut as a useful structure for cities to create havens of tranquility for their inhabitants, or as contemplative retreats in private gardens, describing it as “a facility with real benefit to the people”. Guadagnino, who has some newly purchased land to consider, had been thinking about building his own design for a contemplative space there, but, he says, “I don’t think I have to design it myself anymore – this one is already. the perfect sanctuary.

Greek architecture and design duo Objects of Common Interest is Guadagnino’s choice for designer of the year in the 2022 Wallpaper * Design Awards. Pictured here is their ‘Volax’ exhibition at the Carwan Gallery in Athens (September 2 – October 23, 2021), a cycladic- inspired collection in wood and acrylic. Photography: Giorgos Sfakianakis

He was also captivated by Objects of Common Interest, citing the duo’s clever approach to beauty, otherworldly creations and “a way of placing objects in space without needing function”. After all, in the area of ​​Guadagnino, the real function of the furniture and fashion that we see is not utilitarian but to create allure and drama, to evoke an elegant realm as intriguing as the lives it depicts. It’s a multi-layered method nurtured by her friendship with Silvia Venturini Fendi, which started in 2005 and has grown into a long-standing collaboration, including a poetic imagery film shot at Fendi’s headquarters for the couture collection. A / W2021.

“Fashion has a daring capacity that doesn’t exist in cinema,” he says with appreciation. “When I discovered Silvia’s world, I saw that she understood how to make everything contain a sense of memory and how to simultaneously combine space, time and architecture in what she was doing. . It broadened my knowledge of how to work with multiple sectors at the same time and make them interact. ‘ Insight is at the root of Guadagnino’s devastating and voluptuous splendor, with all the nostalgia and volatility of his figures framed by the beauty of his elegiac style. §

Luca Guadagnino’s film for the Fendi Couture A / W2021 collection


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