Luxurious minimalism from Mim Design at Flinders Horizon


The sculptural and luxurious minimalism of this home is inspired by water

A new house, Horizon Flinders by Mim Design and BH Architects, bridges calm minimalism, sculptural gestures and luxurious materials

Luxurious minimalism meets sculptural ambition at this newly designed home on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia. Horizon Flinders is a piece of modern residential architecture created by Australian studio BH Architects with interiors perfectly composed by design expert Mim Design. The result? A space filled with quality materials, serene tones and minimalist architecture that elevates design into a truly tailor-made home. Add to that a series of sweeping, sweeping landscape views, and what we have is a bad case of house envy.

The generous structure had to be spacious and comfortable, but also intimate and warm. The design approach “skillfully balances the building’s boldness and solidity by maintaining openness and gently articulating subtle changes in mood and atmosphere as you move through the house,” explains the Mim Design team, led by director and founder Miriam Fanning.

Conceptually, the luxurious minimalism of interior design is a “visual response to the natural forms of ocean views,” the designers continue to explain. Waves, ripples, sea foam and a feeling of gentle dynamism reign everywhere. Crisp white surfaces, luxurious marble and stone, smooth concrete and bespoke joinery create a refined interior, molded around these principles.

All rooms make the most of the panoramic views of the landscape, though the living spaces feel more open and in tune with the expansive natural views through panes of glazing. At the same time, more private spaces, such as the master bedroom, are also oriented towards the views, nodding to an immersive viewing platform or a private retreat that invites contemplation and contemplation. relaxation. A range of additional spaces, such as a fitness room and sauna, as well as a wine cellar, underline the feeling of luxury this home exudes.

“The strong, yet sympathetic approach balances opulence and restraint, allowing occupants to breathe and take in the amazing views and interior details,” says the design team. “A sustainable and tailor-made approach is visible from the great sculptural gestures of Horizon Flinders down to the smallest details of the project, reaffirming Mim Design’s ability to provide unique and authentic responses at all levels. »§

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