Microsoft Power Fx’s low-code programming language is now open source


Image via VLC Solutions (Pinterest)

After a few leaks in February, Microsoft officially announced its new low-code programming language for the Power Platform in March. Called Power Fx, this language allows Power Platform customers to create and customize application logic in a low-code environment. Power Fx will be particularly familiar to Excel users. In May, the company further beefed up the language through integration with OpenAI’s GPT-3 models so that natural language could be used for calculations instead of complex formulas.

Previously, Microsoft had only opened the documentation for Power Fx with the intention of doing the same for the actual source code by the end of this year. Today, those plans have come to fruition. As reported by WalkingCat (@ _h0x0d_) on Twitter, the source code is now available as an open source repository on GitHub also. This change was committed five hours ago at the time of writing.

The project is under the MIT license and accepts contributions as long as you agree to Microsoft Contributor License Agreement (CLA), which will allow the company to leverage your contributions in its products. If you want to contribute to Power Fx, be sure to discover the project on GitHub here.


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