Microsoft teases Windows 11 event with interesting thought about desktop animation


Microsoft’s Windows event is just a few days away, and the company has posted teasers on Twitter to generate some hype about the upcoming Windows 11 announcement. While the First Presumably alluding to the return of the startup sound, today’s teaser appears to show a preview of the new default wallpaper, one of many that were found in the leaked version. These wallpapers should be linked to the themes built into Windows 11.

As is always the case, these teasers are being scrutinized for possible Easter Eggs, and while the chances of finding something important are slim, we did observe something interesting in the teaser. The reflection of the desktop in the individual’s eye in the reel appears to exhibit subtle animation, with the contrast of the background image varying slightly with lighting. While we can split our hair into four here, it’s not clear if the movement is revealing animation just for the teaser or if the operating system will feature animation effects on startup.

The new default image seems to be of some importance, as the official Twitter account for Windows Also features what appears to be a blurry image from the new wallpaper. While the leaked version of Windows 11 gave a preview of upcoming UI changes, such as new centered taskbar icons and window snapping, there might still be a lot to reveal. . Rumors have it that the company is preparing feature experience packs that provide UI elements and other improvements decoupled from underlying operating system updates.

Anyone can guess what new features and capabilities are in store for the “next generation of Windows” and if there are any hidden surprises that will be unveiled during the event. It’s also not sure whether the teaser animation is similar to the Windows 10 one the company has announced. Everything will be known on June 24 at 11 a.m.ET.


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