New Exercise Machines for a New You: The Latest in Fitness Technology


New Exercise Machines for a Whole New You: The Latest in Fitness Technology

Reach your fitness goals with new home exercise machines and fitness tech – from smarter dumbbells to a stationary bike that simulates tough surfaces

New Year’s fitness goals often fall through the cracks. While some types of exercise depend on your movement, there’s a surefire way to make sure they’re never far from your mind: buy equipment that will silently judge you if it’s not in use. A great piece of exercise equipment is an investment that will eat away at your conscience if ignored. Here’s our pick of high-end fitness equipment, machines that look useful and inviting, not oppressive and scary, and which hopefully won’t end up covered in laundry until the end of the following month.

Exercise machines and fitness technology


The Hydrow is a rower with a difference, packing a 22-inch flatscreen into its curvaceous frame. The rowing mechanism uses electromagnetism to create variable drag resistance, while ensuring that the drive is almost completely silent. The only noise will come from the speakers built into the screen, which can display a variety of personalized programs, from individual workouts from the company’s partners to soothing journeys on distant waterways.

NOHrD SlimBeam

The SlimBeam is one of a set of wood-framed fitness equipment built by German company WaterRower. A cable fitness device, the SlimBeam can be supplied in a number of different natural wood finishes, as well as solid colours. Designed to be wall mounted, it holds 70kg of weights in 5kg plates, built into the frame, with an accompanying app that connects to the machine and tracks your workouts.

Multi-Purpose Cable Machine, from £1,649,

Technogym Kinesis

Technogym’s Kinesis is a powerful piece of equipment, available in mirror-polished steel, black wood or hand-stitched leather, with American oak wall bars and four sets of chrome folding pulleys that promise to deliver around 200 different workouts. A simple dial lets you increase the resistance for easy strength training.

NordicTrack iSelect Adjustable Dumbbells

The trend of making everything smart now applies to something traditionally dumb. NordicTrack’s iFIT home workout system is an app that integrates with the company’s line of treadmills, bikes and ellipticals. The latest addition to the suite is this set of iSelect weights, “voice-controlled adjustable dumbbells” that are housed in a motorized weight selector box. Simply ask your smart assistant to increase the load or set the right weight for a specific exercise, and the case will automatically adjust the dumbbells to a weight between 5 lbs and 50 lbs.

And Jacob’s marble dumbbells

Go in the opposite direction with these solid marble dumbbells from Mexican homeware company And Jacob. Available in three sizes (1.5kg, 1kg and 0.8kg), the traditional style weights are hand carved from solid marble and transform into elegant paperweights when not thrown away.

Peloton tread

Peloton prides itself on being a one-stop-shop for all things fitness, combining its high-quality kit with a cohesive, comprehensive and comprehensive set of exercise regimens (subscription only) that help you get the most out of its machines. The Tread is the company’s treadmill product, with a 23.8-inch screen through which you’ll get your instructions, a 150cm wide running track, and metrics, metrics, metrics, for you allow you to follow all the facets of this very modern quest, your ‘fitness journey’.

Garmin Tacx NEO Bike Smart Trainer

Garmin’s extensive lineup spans the entire fitness spectrum, from marathons to hiking, biking, fishing and even private aviation. The company’s Tacx NEO Bike Smart is a stationary trainer designed to be quiet but not necessarily smooth – you can simulate riding on cobblestones and gravel – as well as built-in fans to cool you down. In addition to the company’s own app, it is fully compatible with Zwift, the electronic cycling platform that regularly organizes virtual championships between riders around the world.

Mativ Smart Mat

Intelligence has seeped into virtually everything, but the Mativ Smart Mat claims to be the first exercise mat to track your workout. Sensors are embedded in the surface, which pair with a smart band, both of which have around ten days to change. Flexible sensors allow the mat to be rolled up for storage or to take to class, and the New York-based company also offers a fitness program subscription service that promises to cater for a wide range of abilities.

Theragun Elite

The massage gun is having a moment, with professionals and therapists swearing by the power of deep muscle treatment. Theragun is one of the best, with a solid body housing a two-hour battery, a near-silent motor, and the distinctive triangular multi-plug for getting into hard-to-reach places. The device also has a screen to show applied force, and the Theragun app integrates with Google Fit and Apple Health to make thoughtful suggestions on the most appropriate post-workout routine.


Climbing machines currently lag behind bicycles and treadmills in terms of sophistication. Clmbr wants to change all that with its new machine, which has been designed to incorporate all the technology that has become standard on other devices – instructor-led classes, full app connectivity, Alexa integration and steel industrial design. The workout it offers may seem niche, but the company claims it engages “more than 86% of the muscles in the body”, delivering faster results than cycling or rowing.



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