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While many remain unsold as to whether the move to 5v5 will be a good thing for Monitor 2, those on the fence will soon get a chance to see more of the game thanks to the upcoming beta. A fan got busy while waiting by filming the last piece of Monitor 2 the key art in an animation.

Given the magnitude of the Monitoring fanbase is, there are plenty of creative players within it, which means spectacular community creations are far from uncommon. Seems every day new Monitoring skin concepts are shared, new fan art is released, and interesting discussions take place. Despite this, the animations are a little more sparse, which makes a recent Reddit post from GunmetalPj particularly cool. For those who have been following the news regarding the sequel, the anime art should be familiar.


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Along with the announcement of Monitor 2In Blizzard’s upcoming beta, Blizzard has shared several screenshots of the game along with new key art featuring three heroes and the game’s logo. This key art is what GunmetalPj went out of their way to animate, and they did a great job with this adjustment. In the animation, Brigitte and Sojourn can be seen moving their arms up and down, making it look like the two heroes are alive. Brigitte’s shield can also be seen glowing, which is another clever tweak.

The most obvious fit can be seen on Zenyatta, who sports his Monitor 2 overhaul. The orbs the support hero uses to heal allies and debuff enemies can be seen spinning around him as they would in-game, and it adds a lot to the play. At the start of the animation, only the “2” from the hero shooter logo is present, although the word Monitoring enters the frame as the animation unfolds. When finished, the 2 is enlarged and the animation starts again.

With the animation looping in an incredibly clever way, it’s not too surprising that Monitor 2 fans reacted well to the animation. So far, the post has garnered over 2,000 upvotes, with many commenters praising the creator and asking how they were able to create such neat animation. According to them, the whole process required was a combination of Photoshop and After Effects. Unsurprisingly, many fans wanted it as their wallpaper, asking the Redditor to make a looping version with no text. In the meantime, they posted a version without loops or text on Twitter.

While the Monitor 2 beta won’t have PvE, hope it meets the expectation of PvP fans. With the wait for the game being so long, it would be great for the community to be satisfied when they can finally play it.

Monitor 2 is available now for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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