Pokemon Fan Makes Awesome Articuno Animation


The Ice/Flying type Pokémon, known as Articuno, is recreated in an impressive 2D animation by a talented fan of the Pokémon franchise.

With nearly 900 different Pokemon, it’s safe to say that the Pokemon franchise is full of all kinds of fascinating creatures to collect. A particularly interesting type for players to discover is the Flying type. As the name suggests, many of these Pokemon have flight-focused abilities. Among these aerial Pokémon, it is worth noting in particular the one called Articuno.

Introduced as part of the original Gen 1 Pokedex, Articuno has been a part of the series for years. As an Ice/Flying-type Legendary Pokémon, it has a bird-like design that features cool shades of blue. Some highlights of its avian design include a large set of wings and an impressive, extremely long set of blue tail feathers. Recently, someone made an artwork featuring Articuno that saw the remarkable Pokémon fly away.


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Taking to Reddit, an artist by the name of ling1ing decided to share a video he created based on the Pokemon series. Specifically, they had created a unique animation of the Ice/Flying-type Pokemon known as Articuno. While the animation cycle was only in sketch form, it still managed to capture the majestic movement of the bird-like creature. In the video, the artist animated the Pokémon’s large wings to look like they were flapping as its wispy tail feathers swayed in the wind. Additionally, Articuno’s design included the signature crest, while the bird’s beak opened and closed as it moved its mighty wings up and down.

Along with posting the animation on Reddit, ling1ing shared several details about how they brought Articuno’s sketch to life. According to the artist, they used Toon Boom, a type of animation software, to achieve the Pokémon’s realistic movements. Additionally, the artist revealed that the total video is 26 frames. As a result, they noted that 13 individual drawings were needed to complete the animation cycle.

Impressive, this Articuno animation made by ling1ing piqued the curiosity of many members of the Pokemon community on Reddit. With over 12.6,000 upvotes in less than a day, the overwhelming majority of reviewers liked the bird-like Pokemon design. Among the comments, praise went to the realism of the animation. “You can really feel the weight of the air being pushed through the fenders,” I_AM_A_Pumpkin pointed out on Reddit. Plus, others have found ways to make the video look even more realistic. “I like to move my phone like it’s flying in front of me!” said another player.

While this animation of Articuno was impressive, many other artists also managed to capture the attention of the gaming community. For example, another player recently made an equally impressive 3D animation for Lucario using Blender. It will be interesting to see what other videos will be shared by talented animators in the coming days. Maybe ling1ing will decide to do more animations featuring flying-type Pokémon in the future.

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