Popular Windows Wallpaper Engine Tool Now Available For Android


It is free to use, but to take full advantage of it you will need to purchase its Windows equivalent on Steam.

There are tons of fun live wallpapers for Android, and most phones even come with a few preinstalled. But if you want to focus on customization, fine-tuning, and fine-tuning until the last moment, you’ll be better off with third-party software. One of the more versatile solutions comes in the form of the ever-popular Wallpaper Engine, a small, community-favorite program that you can acquire on Steam for your desktop. After a short period of internal beta, Wallpaper Engine has now officially made its way to Android.

The Wallpaper Engine app primarily serves as a mobile companion to the existing Windows program and lets you import and use designs from your wallpaper collection right on your phone. However, the app is also capable of accessing your phone’s internal storage, letting you turn recorded videos, GIFs, and 2D / 3D renderings into your phone’s animated background without relying on its Windows counterpart. You can even further customize these wallpapers to further adjust them as you like.


Wallpaper Engine additionally allows you to set up a playlist, browsing different animated backgrounds at intervals or by time of day – just be careful while using it on Android 12. If you are concerned about your battery life, pause live wallpapers every time you enter your phone’s battery saving mode.

Wallpaper Engine entered a short internal beta phase in September, with the company unsure whether it would be able to launch the app on the Play Store in October or November. It looks like things took a little longer than expected, as the launch was almost pushed back to December, but here we are.

You can download Wallpaper Engine from the Play Store now. It is free to use and does not come with advertisements. Its Windows counterpart is a paid application which offers most of the advanced customization features, but at $ 3.99 it’s basically a no-brainer.

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