Salisbury students join mural project to celebrate


WINSTED – The American Mural Project has partnered with SOAR Educational Enrichment, Inc., Salisbury Central School, and Bantam’s Twenty2 Wallpaper and Textile Mill, to create a school-wide mural commemorating the 20th anniversary and legacy of SOAR’s after-school enrichment programs and the program. Founder, Zenas Block.

The project started in 2020 and involved the whole school community. The initiative was spearheaded by Linda Sloane, Executive Director of SOAR, a community-funded and run organization dedicated to providing enrichment programs for students at Salisbury Central School.

The school-wide mural involved K-8 students at SCS, who worked from a prompt to create art focused on the work they would like to do when they grow up. The students visually explored their dreams and aspirations for their future work – from teachers, hairdressers and bus drivers to astronauts, botanists, athletes and more, according to a statement.

AMP Teacher Artist Jessica Russell and SCS Art Teacher Gayle Christinat oversaw over 300 art creations, which were scanned and digitized by twenty2 and made into wallpaper that spans the length and width of the hallway – 80 feet in length. long over 8 feet high – outside the art room at SCS.

“The mural is fabulous and a true testament to the power of community,” Sloane said. “So many people helped make this dream a reality. For me, SOAR has always been about two things: the community and the children of Salisbury Central School. This mural perfectly captures the essence of SOAR. I’m glad it finally came to fruition.

The project concludes with an art exhibition at SCS from 5-7pm on June 8, for the entire Salisbury Central School community.

“This project is the result of multiple communities pooling their giving and is a testament to the creative resilience and generosity that is pervasive in education, industry, the arts and the nonprofit world,” commented Michelle Begley, Director of Education Programs at AMP.

Launched in 2001 by artist Ellen Griesedieck, the American Mural Project (AMP) creates the world’s largest indoor collaborative artwork: a three-dimensional mural 120 feet long and five stories high. The mural is a tribute to American workers and highlights what has defined the country over the past century. It seeks to inspire, educate, invite collaboration, and reveal to people of all ages the many contributions they can make to American culture.

More than 15,000 children and adults helped create pieces of the mural, which sits in one of two former factory buildings at the AMP campus on Whiting Street in Winsted, Connecticut. Programs are currently offered to schools and teachers, after-school partnerships, summer enrichment sessions and an apprentice-style internship program. AMP is currently preparing to open normal hours in June 2022.


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