Shawmut Design and Construction celebrates its 40th anniversary


Shawmut Design and Construction, $1.3 billion leader national construction management companyturns 40and birthday in 2022.

Founded in 1982 as a small carpentry business with a handful of employees, Shawmut has built its reputation on its willingness to take on the most complex and demanding projects. Today, with 11 offices nationwide, including New York, Los Angeles and Boston, and more than 1,100 employees, the company remains true to its heritage by delivering an unparalleled construction experience that delivers technically sophisticated projects with the highest level of craftsmanship.

“When we take on a project, it’s more than a structure – we create part of the fabric of the city in which it is built,” said Les Hiscoe, CEO of Shawmut Design and Construction. “Each project represents an investment in the community, an opportunity to build a better future through superior structures and improved, engaged communities. It’s this holistic approach and respect for the work we do that has allowed us to be a leader in the industry for 40 years.

Over the past few years, the company has taken deliberate steps to prepare for an aggressive growth trajectory driven by an exponential increase in market share for projects of substantial scope and complexity. This ten-year growth plan includes building a team of qualified major project builders; adding expertise in the commercial, education, healthcare and life sciences sectors nationwide with a strong focus on New York and Southern California; and the opening of an office in West Palm Beach, Florida, to meet the strong demand for commercial space. Shawmut’s signature major projects include the InterContinental New York Barclay Hotel and Park Avenue Synagogue in New York, Soho Warehouse and UCLA Nimoy Theater in Los Angeles, as well as the Boynton Yards life sciences development and medical school UMass Chan in Massachusetts. In addition to large-scale work, the company continues to partner with new and long-time customers to complete projects of all sizes.

“As a real estate investor, developer and owner’s project manager, I understand the importance of working with a great construction partner who exceeds expectations and values ​​our long-term relationship,” said Rob Dickey, Vice President executive of Leggat McCall Properties. “Spanning 30 years and millions of square feet, LMP and Shawmut have successfully completed projects in the commercial, educational, healthcare and cultural sectors, culminating today in large-scale transformative developments in science. of life. Shawmut continues to provide us with the quality people and teams we demand and the expertise we trust. We look to the future as Shawmut targets the next four decades of growth.

The company’s growth is attributed to its people-centric culture, 100% employee-owned, and the belief that when people bring their best to work, they deliver the best building experience. to customers. Marianne Monte, who was recently promoted to the newly created position of Chief Administration and People Officer, joins Hiscoe and Chief Operating Officer Reza Amirkhalili in their commitment to fostering an innovative, talent-driven culture to fuel future growth. The company led the industry with Shawmut Flex, a flexible work program that, when it was created seven years ago, was a rarity in the industry. Three years ago, he established and now works continuously to maintain 100% pay and promotion equity across the company. Since its inception, the company has remained dedicated to the holistic health, safety and well-being of every employee.

“I am very proud of the commitment Shawmut has made to fostering an environment where anyone from any background can thrive and perform at their best,” said Monte. “This is not just a superficial effort to address a hot topic; it’s a sustained effort and a philosophy woven into our corporate culture over the past 40 years.

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