SMT V Nuwa takes an unconventional approach to design


CMS V character designer Masayuki Doi provided a little more comment on the aesthetics and concepts behind the demons that appear in the game. This time he’s talking about the goddess form of Nuwa. As this article is about Nuwa’s role and appearance in the story, it will contain spoilers from the game.

In ancient Chinese mythology, Nuwa is a half-serpent, half-woman figure. Usually she has the upper body of a woman and the lower body of a snake. But in the case of CMS V, Doi reverses this typical representation of Nuwa by giving the impression that the body of the snake is pushing from its head. This gives Nuwa the impression that her upper half is a serpent while her lower half is a woman. This method gives rise to an unconventional conception that still uses elements of its myth.

Doi also mentions that the animation team spent a lot of time on Nuwa’s transformation sequence in the game. In general, it’s rare for the design team to give alternate appearances to a single demon. However, in the case of Nuwa, they made an exception due to his importance in history.

Doi often provides general information about the process of creating a design, whether from the illustration stage or the actual animation stage. Other demons he discussed include Kaya-no-Hime, Abdiel, and Hayataro. He also explained how he designed Nuwa in CMS V previously, although his commentary focused more on his human form.

Shin Megami Tensei V is readily available worldwide on the Nintendo Switch. Siliconera’s review is also live.

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