Tales Of Luminaria Shares Official Mobile Wallpaper Featuring 5 Notable Unaffiliated Adventurers


The official Tales of Luminaria The Twitter account has shared the fourth of many mobile wallpapers. This image represents 5 adventurers who are not affiliated with the Jerle Federation or the Gildlan Empire. Instead, they investigate the root cause of the war itself.

Check out the previously revealed mobile wallpapers for Tales of Luminaria below:

You can see the tweet sharing this mobile wallpaper below:

If you missed them, check out each of the character intro trailers revealed for the title below:

An anime for this game is produced by Kamikaze Douga as part of a distribution partnership with Funimation. Each of the 21 characters received their own rendering and English voice actors / actresses.

Check out our coverage for the first game news broadcast. A wealth of new information has been revealed, such as character factions, game mechanics, images of the unexpected portrait design decision, and much more.

An English-subtitled version of the title’s presentation at Tokyo Game Show 2021 has recently been made available.

Tales of Luminaria will tell an original story with an action-oriented combat system developed by COLOPL, Inc. Mobile games have chosen to bring older characters into a reunion-type experience in the past, but this game will feature new ones. characters. In addition, this title will be played in portrait mode and players will be able to move freely around the battlefield to attack enemies. It looks similar to a type Tales of console, and we can’t wait to learn more about it.


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