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The computer desk is a personal space and your choice of wallpaper reflects that. Wallpapers reveal something about our nature, like what kind of mood you are in. Science says the choice of colors affects the way we think and feel. So what do you think of dark wallpapers?

The obvious advantage of using dark backgrounds on your desktop is that all of your icons and folders stand out in contrast. They make the text easier to read. For example, a dark motivational wallpaper highlights the inspirational message scribbled on it.

Here are the best websites to download free high quality dark themed wallpapers for your desktop, phone or tablet.


Craft Wallpapers offers thousands of dark wallpapers in all imaginable resolutions. Whether you want a dark background for your Windows 10 PC or Android phone, Wallpapers Craft has you sorted.

You can sort the wallpapers by top rated, most downloaded, or download date. Whether it’s a wolf howling in front of the moon, an aurora borealis, or a ship sailing at night, there is enough dark wallpapers here to keep you satisfied for the rest of your life.


Pexels is a great stock photography website that lets you download and use all of its images for free. It contains over 95,000 images labeled as “black wallpaper”, which are perfect to use as wallpapers.

In fact, you can use these images to create your own wallpapers. For example, you can take one of the dark backgrounds and personalize it with your own motivational message or reminder.


WallpapersWide has plenty of dark wallpapers to make you happy, as well as many more in every category you can think of.

As the name of the site suggests, there are some widescreen wallpapers that are great for two or three monitor setups. The site automatically detects your aspect ratio and resolution and offers you the best matching wallpapers.


Unsplash is another popular stock photography website. It has carved out a special place for itself in the hearts of wallpaper hunters because of the vast array of images it offers.

Search the site for keywords like “dark photos” or “dark wallpapers” or something more specific. Every photo you find on Unsplash is free, so go wild.


Wallpaper Flare offers all kinds of dark wallpapers: abstract, digital art, photography, etc. It’s also incredibly easy to search because you can set your minimum resolution requirements and specify if you only want mobile wallpapers.

Just type in your search time (something wide like “dark wallpapers” is fine).


Wallhaven is a great period of wallpaper site, not just for dark wallpapers. But if that’s what you want, it has thousands of moody wallpapers to choose from, covering landscapes, portraits, fantasy art, and more.

Best of all are filters, which allow you to target wallpapers of a specific color, resolution, or content (like “people” or “anime).

abyss wallpaper

If you search “dark” on Wallpaper Abyss, you will get lots of wallpapers with skeletons, dragons, demons and vampires. If this is the kind of obscurity you are looking for, then this site is for you.

That said, Wallpaper Abyss does have tens of thousands of other wallpapers, so you can be more specific with your search terms if you have something in mind.


If you are a big fan of space themed wallpapers then Psiu Puxa is the perfect site for you. It features handpicked wallpapers from across the universe, using photos from NASA and other space agencies.

These real space photos are perfect as dark wallpapers. Dive into the collection and collect some of the darkest corners of the galaxies.

HD wallpapers

HD Wallpapers is a huge repository of wallpapers. While it doesn’t specifically have a “dark” wallpaper category or tag, you can easily find a few gems in the search box.

Moreover, it supports multiple resolutions, so you can use the same wallpaper on all your devices.

jmd i

The initials of this site belong to the multidisciplinary designer Jean-Marc Denis. He created a series of small but stunning wallpapers of black images by juxtaposing space, scale, textures, shapes, camera angles and light. You can download them all in a single ZIP file.

Use them on your desktop or phone. If you like minimalist desktop setups, you’ll love these.

as wallpaper

While iLikeWallpaper bills itself as a “cool collection of dark iPhone wallpapers”, only half of that is true. These wallpapers are indeed excellent, with a nice variety of abstract and real photographs. But they’re not just for the iPhone – while not suitable for desktops, these wallpapers will look great on any mobile device.

If you’ve already made a dark wallpaper for your desktop and now want one for your phone, try iLikeWallpaper. There’s bound to be something to suit your mood.

deviant art

DeviantArt is one of the largest online art communities. As such, it is full of images that you can use for your wallpaper. Just type “dark wallpaper” into the search bar and you will get over 60,000 results to browse.

While not all images are available in your ideal resolution, there are more than enough images to choose from to satisfy you.

There are many more dark wallpapers to check out

Did you know that a dark wallpaper can take more advantage of your battery if you have an OLED display? Not only do they look cool, but they also have practical benefits! Browse these wallpaper sites and choose your new wallpaper today.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t forget Google Images. Using search terms and various Google search hacks, you are sure to find some excellent dark wallpapers there.


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