The 3 Best Removable Wallpapers of 2022


After spending 10 weeks researching, sampling and testing wallpaper from nine brands in a range of patterns, we’ve found three peel and stick wallpapers that you can confidently and (relatively) easily apply, whatever your style. . When it comes to picking a design, we think looking for patterns is half the fun, that’s why we’ve got a few top picks that come in two distinct textures (smooth paper and fabric), have tons of patterns and are easy. to install. Our excellent choice is also a worthy splurge, with hundreds of finely detailed designs to choose from (but you might need some help setting it up).

Our choice

Of all the peel and stick wallpapers we tested, Wallshoppe’s removable wallpaper was by far the easiest to apply, readjust and handle for one person, without it sticking to itself. The smooth finish and thickness of the non-vinyl material also makes this wallpaper forgiving against mistakes, so it looks polished. Once installed, the wallpaper has a slight sheen and a classic flat paper look (unlike Chasing Paper wallpapers, which have a more tactile woven texture). The pattern selection – over 2,000 designs – is impressive and includes various bold and bright designs. The patterns we tested were Nathan Turner’s Orange Crush wallpaper in Onyx, Chris Benz’s El Quijote wallpaper in Mustard, Clare V.’s Françoise Floral wallpaper in Green, Blowfish wallpaper in Sky, and painted Thanks a Lot by Clare V. in Pink.

Our choice

Chase wallpaper

Chasing Paper’s lightweight fabric wallpaper has a tactile woven finish. It is easy to install and offers a clean impression in multiple styles.

We recommend Chasing Paper Wallpaper for those who like paper that has a matte look with a tactile finish (it’s made of fabric instead of paper) and a crisp, fine print. Although this company has fewer models than others, the lineup is well curated, including several small-scale models (which can be hard to find for peel and stick, a category that sometimes caters to a large and bold). We found the lightweight, non-vinyl textile material to be easy to apply and reposition without bunching or creasing (and it always stayed securely attached to the wall). The patterns we tested were Cane and Palm in Orange, Grid in Fern and White, Jaipur in Dusty Blue, Stripes in Neutral, and Jacobean in Grey.

Also great

Livette’s wallpaper

Livette’s is an Oeko-Tex certified option with beautiful designs to choose from. But it may be more difficult to install without help.

We were impressed with Livette’s Wallpaper excellent print quality and designs in over 300 designs. Its fine-web, non-vinyl woven material is extremely lightweight and has a refined, matte look when installed. It is the only textile-based wallpaper that we have tested that is Oeko-Tex certified, which may reassure some people. The adhesive has a very strong hold, which ensures that the wallpaper will stay in place for years. But the strong hold also makes it harder to correct mistakes during installation, compared to other papers we’ve tested. This quality could also make the wallpaper more likely to peel paint in rooms with intense weather conditions (rooms that get very hot or very humid) or with older paint. All wallpapers can be relatively difficult to install on your own. And this one can be particularly tough due to its thinness and strong grip; you may want to consider calling a knowledgeable friend or hiring someone to help you. This paper is also more expensive than our top two picks, but we think the quality is worth it. The patterns we tested were the Baby Blue Lemons wallpaper, the Sunny Delicate Scallop Print wallpaper in yellow and off-white, and the Greek Terrazzo wallpaper in multicolor.


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