The 334-foot balance superyacht features an observatory and an “eco-conscious” design


It’s called Libra, and while this ship doesn’t exist yet, it’s an available model that can be had, of course, for millions and millions of dollars. Nonetheless, it is still a viable and capable concept with a luxurious interior and a design designed to be as efficient as any ship of this size can be.

First, let’s take a look at what it means for a ship like this to be sustainable and ‘eco-conscious’. Since the Balance is a ship with an overall length of 102 meters (334.6 feet), the rules governing fuel consumption and horsepower are different by default.

So far, very few modern ships operate with a 100% environmentally friendly propulsion system, and even then these ships are nowhere near that size. However, some nautical teams and superyacht builders are exploring hydrogen and natural gas propulsion systems.

At this time, Oceanco, the potential builder and architect behind the design, is not making any representations if Balance uses any of the technologies mentioned above. Their website says Balance gets most of its efficiency from hull design rather than propulsion systems, up to 30% compared to other ships these teams have produced.

This reduced fuel consumption is due to a narrow, elongated hull design, a spire of the seas if you will. This lengthening of the shell gives the Balance its size and allows for interior spaces that are larger than average.

While Oceanco may be the architect of Libra, the interior and exterior styling is Sinot Yacht Design, a crew that has worked on many ships during their existence. If you want to get used to the kind of work they can do, you can use Libra as a perfect example.

Part of the exterior design gives birth to large deck spaces, perfect for multiple functionality. Jacuzzis, endless relaxation options, and a large rear pool suspended over an indoor entrance are all part of the concept. A beach deck is visible at the back, but there is no mention of the type of toys you’ll find inside. After all, this ship has yet to find an owner.

But, being a superyacht, expect to find jetskis, snorkel gear, water sports gear, possibly a personal submarine. Even though there is no upright helipad, Balance’s bow has more than enough room to accommodate a helicopter. Oh, there is also a front facing jacuzzi.

Two spaces that are sure to please all guests are the open-air cinema and a friggin observatory. Yes, a real observatory. You know, the ones with telescopes to see the stars. Can you imagine how clear the sky will be at sea, with no city lights to interrupt the magic? The location of this observatory is not clear, but the highlight of it all is the location of such a feature.

While full interior design and styling has yet to take place, a few images in the gallery are featured as what Sinot can achieve for the future Libra owner.

A featured space is part of the beach club and has a ready entry with a Japanese-style sand garden. A floating wooden walkway ensures that the sand remains pristine, while LED lighting further enhances the illusion of floating.

Another image showcases the loft and the owner’s style. With floor-to-ceiling windows and a 180-degree view of the world around it, the alarm clock should feel like it’s reborn. Have you ever taken a cruise or slept on a boat? Pretty refreshing if you ask me.

Libra also has great art deco constructions such as this staircase with a golden background, perfect for making you feel heavenly as you ascend or descend through the layers of this dreamy design.

Looking at the pictures, you can’t help but feel drawn to the soft interior spaces. The interplay of wood, glass, earth and stone and semi-precious metals creates a warm atmosphere that will eventually invite someone to empty their crypto account on Libra. I can’t wait to write this article.

As I mentioned earlier, balance is, at the moment, just a concept. Who knows, it can even stay that way for a very long time.

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