The biggest wallpaper design trends for 2020


Botanical patterns, a metallic touch to geometric patterns and the application of wallpaper in the bathroom are some of the biggest wallpaper trends for 2020.

With well-being in the home being an ongoing trend, our love for botanical designs will feed off of it, bringing the outdoors in and creating a sense of calm. It’s no surprise that green wallpaper patterns are the color of choice, albeit slightly more punchy than muted shades, and this will be complemented further by earthy tones.

And, How? ‘Or’ What and or our wallpaper will be more adventurous than ever for 2020, with the fifth wall, aka the ceiling, and the bathroom, highlighted as key areas to decorate with wallpaper.

“While a classic never goes out of style, we’ll see people get bolder and more adventurous not only with their wallpaper choices in 2020, but also with the way they use their wallpaper,” begins Paula Taylor, Specialist design and color trends at Graham & Brown. “The mix of prints and the trend to bring the outdoors in will continue to be popular. Our love for plants and foliage will go nowhere as we continue to create a feeling of well-being and relaxation within the home. Classic floral designs will continue to be a popular choice, but we’ll also see these latest revamped and bolder ones through bold tropical prints. ‘

A re-emerging trend for a few years now, Paula says that the application of wallpaper to the ceiling will grow, as will the application of wallpaper to the bathroom.

“The way we see people using wallpaper in their homes is going to continue to be a lot more versatile,” she explains. ‘Wallpaper is no longer just for walls but can be used to create a stunning declaration limit. We also use wallpaper in a similar vein to how we would use paint, and we are not held back by the limitations of the room and what is considered “the norm”. We see people carpeting different parts of the house and use wallpaper in the bathroom will continue to be a popular trend.

Graham & Brown Wallpaper of the Year 2020, Bloomsbury Neo-Mint
Wallpaper of the Year 2020, Bloomsbury Neo-Mint, £ 60 per roll, Graham & Brown

Graham & Brown

When it comes to wallpaper colors, bold greens and earth tones are the biggest trends for 2020.

“When you think of color palettes, shades that have been adopted into the mainstream in recent seasons, such as midnight blue, have now paved the way for brighter and more vivid green hues, says Paula. “When it comes to neutral tones, we are moving away from the ever popular gray for warmer, earthier tones that complement our love of wood furniture. ‘

Kirsty Mole, Category Manager for Home Decor at B&Q, says the geometric wallpaper trend shows no signs of slowing down, but for 2020 it will take on a shiny new twist with shades of pink, silver and gold. .

Geometric prints give instant art deco glamor to bedrooms, living rooms and hallways, ”says Kirsty. “Plus, we’re seeing this trend taking off even among renters, as many styles use “stick the wall” technology. This nifty product saves up to 30 percent of the time traditionally required to hang wallpaper, requires no gluing tables, and simply peels off when you feel like a change or move.

Grandeco Deco Trellis Wallpaper Geometric Effect Gold & Metallic

And according to research by window and door maker Origin, online research by agate wallpaper is on the rise (26 percent). The agate wallpaper mimics the marbled effect of agate gemstones, suggesting that homeowners are moving away from solid colors and turning to bolder and more unusual prints.

John Lewis & Associates

Agate wallpaper, teal blue

John Lewis & Associates

£ 20.00

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