The Hermès hybrid bag where luxury and skate meet


Hermès’ hybrid tote brings together skate culture and luxury

As part of her carefree Spring/Summer 2022 collection, Men’s Artistic Director Véronique Nichanian has created a new take on Hermès’ historic “Bolide” bag – replacing the base with a gently curved skateboard deck

Hermès’ Bolide bag has long encapsulated a vibe of adventure and escapism, the zippered tote first designed in 1923 for cross-country drivers to protect their belongings while racing around world at high speed (Émile-Maurice Hermès, grandson of the house’s founder Thierry Hermès, imagined the bag after traveling to the United States to see Henry Ford’s car factory in the early 1920s).

For her S/S 2022 collection, the artistic director of the men’s universe of the house, Véronique Nichanian, turned to a more contemporary but no less adventurous mode of transport, reinventing the freewheel spirit of the Bolide a century later. late. Replacing the usual leather base of the bag with the slightly curved deck of a skateboard, four metal studs in place of wheels, the “Bolide Skate” is the kind of hybrid that Nichanian proved adept at dreaming up – its colorful underside is only revealed when the bag is held aloft, a playful design trick as captivating as a mid-air skater.

Top, £1,190; trousers, £1,150; trainers, £520; bag, £15,100; scarf (linked to bag), £140; scarf (thrown up in the air), £390, all Hermès

“It aims to encourage people to get out and about, a desire we all share,” Nichanian said of the S/S 2022 collection itself, with the “Bolide Skate” bag symbolizing the carefree spirit and escape of the season. Pops of color and bold graphic patterns struck a similar upbeat note, like the pattern found on the underside of the board, which fuses three different archival prints taken from the house’s signature silk twill scarves – combined, they reimagine the past of Hermes.

It’s one of the many details in the collection that only become apparent on closer inspection, when held in the hand, felt against the skin or worn on the shoulder. It creates an illusion of simplicity that epitomizes Nichanian’s meticulous approach to menswear and the understated yet irreverent luxury of Hermès. §


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