The minimalist Morgan Super 3 three-wheeler offers maximum thrills


Morgan’s ultimate riding machine is a minimalist three-wheeler for maximum thrills

The Morgan Super 3 is a three-wheeled sports car to make the heart sing. Hang on to your hat!

No one does old school like Morgan. The Worcestershire, UK-based company is 112 years old and content to operate as a supplier of extremely specialist machinery for extremely specialist interests, namely those who desire the feeling of driving in a different era.

For some, it’s an approach characterized by decades of design ossification; to the layman, today’s Plus Four and Plus Six models could easily be mistaken for the +4 sports car first introduced in the 1960s (when it was still an anachronistic design).

This is entirely intentional. Morgan has tried to modernize in recent years – the Aero model being one example – but is still willfully perverse by staying decades behind the curve.

Until now. The new Morgan Super 3 is unique in many ways. For starters, it has three wheels, just like the very first cars to bear the Morgan name in 1909. The company stuck to the three-wheeled model for many years, building them alongside conventional cars until 1952. The most influential models were the sport-oriented V-Twins, which were produced between 1911 and 1939.

In 2011, the company revived this approach with a new model, the 3 Wheeler. Strictly retro in appearance, this ultra-lightweight car was a refreshingly visceral alternative to a conventional sports car. Although an electric version was touted but never released, the 3 Wheeler was a cult hit and production didn’t end until summer 2021.

Built on a new aluminum platform, the new Super 3 combines extreme lightness (635 kg) with an enduring three-cylinder Ford engine. The company boasts that it’s more powerful and efficient than any other three-wheeler before it, as well as the most configurable.

Said to be inspired by ‘jet age’ design (trust Morgan for influences that are still 50 years behind), the Super 3 comes with aluminum ‘side blades’ to cooling that also serve as a platform for bold aviation-inspired graphics or luggage bags. The compact 130hp engine sits under a nose cone, positioned behind the front axle, with streamlined wheel mounts and suspension pushing air into the side blades. Each component is bespoke and matched to the car’s unique configuration.

Conductors must be sturdy. The interior is minimalist and thankfully sealed (there’s no hood), and the Super 3 has the company’s first-ever digital instrument panel, as well as the first heater in a three-wheeler. A partnership with luggage handler Malle offers a range of tailor-made clothing and accessories, including the Morgan x Malle satchel (which cleverly incorporates a cup holder) and a driving jacket.

Jonathan Wells, head of design at Morgan, describes the car as something for adventurers. “The Super 3 stands out as something different,” he says. “It looks to our past, is relevant in the present, and re-establishes a firm vision for the future of Morgan design.” §


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