These stunning wallpapers show the inside of your iPhone in amazing detail


If you are looking for a new stylish wallpaper to rock on your iPhone, The Basic Apple Guy came out with a new collection of schematic wallpapers which are gorgeous. These wallpapers are designed to show the “intricate interior web of tightly integrated components” that lurks inside your iPhone.

Update: The Basic Apple Guy came out with a new scheme wallpapers for iphone 12 too.

These so-called schematic wallpapers were created based on the teardown x-ray images of the folks at iFixit. In a blog post, The Basic Apple Guy explains the tedious process of creating these many wallpapers of ours with Sketch and Pixelmator:

The iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max schematics were created in a very, very tedious way in Sketch using the iFixit wallpaper as a guide for exactly where to place each component. Transistor by transistor, screw by screw, these wallpapers slowly came to life for many hours. From there, the projects were imported into Pixelmator to create a variety of amazing variations for your devices. And once the iPhone 13 Pro wallpaper was finished, a second 13 Pro Max project was created from scratch. Although they share many of the same components, the sizes and positioning of the components required a complete rebuild of the project.

There are eight different designs to choose from: Black, X-ray, Sunset, Slate, Neon Blue, M1, Map, and Plan. Wallpapers are designed for iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, but they also work well with iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini.

You can download all these wallpapers from The basic Apple guy website. Just save them to your photos library, turn off perspective zoom, and resize the wallpaper to fit the borders of your iPhone screen.

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