This sybaritic lair is designed around a collection of cars


This sybaritic lair is designed around a collection of private cars

A car enthusiast can play and exhibit at The Library, a private car collection exhibition space and decadent lair designed by Hong Kong studio A Work of Substance

Man caves with a sports car or two tend to be stylish spaces where automobiles are just decorative accessories. That’s not the case at The Library, where Hong Kong-based A Work of Substance designed both the ground-floor entrance and the client’s private floor in a six-story building dedicated to storage. and maintenance of sports cars and supercars.

The owner of the building has kept a back floor as his own private 620 sqm getaway. Here you will find eight cars on display, as well as memorabilia and a cozy lounge, bar and office.

Private lounge with room for a car collection

The ground floor entrance – a combination of 1950s streamlined design and automotive-inspired touches – features a pair of stainless steel elevators, 3m diameter ceiling fans, smooth walls poured concrete and wooden panels that add a touch of warmth.

Light refreshments are served in an elegant lounge furnished with hand-stitched leather armchairs, books and automotive memorabilia, while the security desk is inspired by the polished, rounded aluminum bodywork characteristic of an Airstream trailer 1930s classic.

The ground floor entrance, with car lifts and an Airstream-style security desk

Upstairs, the owner’s level private lounge is designed around a sequence of car scenes. ‘Our client wanted a lounge with his cars around him, so the cars are displayed offset from each other to magnify the center of the space, and the other elements, the lounge and bar and a racing simulator, all do part of this experience”, explains Maxime Dautreme, founder of A Work of Substance.

An innovative, custom-designed structural envelope integrates the building’s existing columns and beams through a polished stainless steel modular panel system. These also serve as display spaces for memorabilia and have adjustable prismatic surfaces that allow the cars to be appreciated from different angles. Leather, teak and canvas furnishings reflect the smooth lines, mechanical operation and detailed craftsmanship of this impressive automobile set, which includes a Ferrari F40, Mercedes 300SL Gullwing, Aston Martin DB5, Pagani Huayra and a Porsche 911 Carrera RS.

The retro automotive heritage is also apparent in the lighting, inspired by classic car headlights and taillights, which subtly offset the low ceiling; most notable are the lanterns equipped with a gyroscope that can be rotated by hand to dim the lights.

There are plenty of other intriguing structural design details, such as shelves that fold out to provide additional leather seating, and flamboyant touches that perfectly evoke the era: the armchairs pay homage to the Ferrari Dino 246 GT, the stools are reminiscent of spark plugs, and cabinet handles are inspired by the flowing curves of a 250 GT Berlinetta SWB door handle. §


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